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  1. Getting a sack from the usual homie. I thought he was just going to drop it off to me. Nope. He picks me up with two of his friends that I don't know. Then my homies girl calls him so they drop him off. Leaving me with the two creeps in the car. I kinda know one cuz he used to date my friend. But then he soon leaves to get the sack and leaves me with the bigger guy. We are in the car and the bigger guy is eyeing me and talking to me and soon asked for my number. Like a dumb bitch I give it. Then they drop me back off. Thank god. Then I called my homie and was like Wtf. You left me with two creepers? What kind of shit was that. So for the next week the big dude calls me everyday for. Like five times a day. What an idiot I am.
  2. you are a girl? y/n?

    if you are not a girl wtf does the fat dude want ? :D
  3. i hope your a girl that knows kung-fu :]
  4. Yes I am a girl.
    Idk he scared me.
    It tripped me out so bad
  5. if you brought along two of your homies, he'd probably get really pissed...

    I know what you mean by they tripped you out though. Back in high school when I'd smoke with friends it seemed like there was always one fuckin' Buzz Killington in the room that had me trippin' out. Hard to enjoy an excellent high when you cant stop freaking out about if the creeper's gonna rape you or not. ijs.
  6. Please work on that, as a favor to yourself and a favor to me.

    It's pretty misleading to give a guy your number when you have no desire to answer his calls, let alone go out with him. Sick of that. Cut it out, ladies! If you're not interested just say something ;)
  7. You shoulda been like "i dont think my boyfriend would like that" Or "you're hella big you can't get shit" Either one.
  8. fuck. eh, block the number?
  9. you made a mistake giving the number, don't make it worst by dragging it. best just to answer, and be truthful. sometimes people prefer the truth (in a nice way) that than being jerked around. an apology wouldn't hurt either cause you wasted his time.
  10. He knew I had a man. Well he asked for my number before I seriously realized he was hitting on me. I saw him at a party later on. And he acted like nothing happened

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