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  1. I'm taking the day off to relive my college days. HINT HINT! And i'm watching TV. Holing fucking shit!!!!!! have you ever seen such crazy shit in your lifge! TVV during the day. This is some crazy wacked ouyt mothers in the USA going on TV. So I'm watching some fucked up show and there is all these women who meet men on the internet and go home with them and screw! Holy shit!!!!! The only thing that comes to my head is..........

    "They sure as hell aint smoking dope!!!!"

    So I ain't never seen any women on the weed boards asking guys to hook up.

    Thought you thought up there that I was going to ask what sites these women are own. The only women I want to meet up is one that vcan cook graham crackers, chocolate chips, butterscotch chips, coconut, and condensed milks. God I'm fucking hungry now!!!!!!!!

    later, BPP!
  2. I have a friend of mine who met a man on the internet and went to the state of Washington to meet him. She was a married woman! She brought him back to Tennessee with her and less than two months later he was fucking her best friend. That should let people know what happens when you go across country to meet people off the internet.

    Oh well I guess i'll just have to change that around in may with my bride to be, stonygurl!
  3. Mmmmmmm Pizzzzzzzaaaaaa! That sounds goodd!

    I'm watching Mr. Rogers right now and thought mofo is the smartest man I have ever seen on Tv. that show may be crorny, but everything on there teaches you a lesson and not rot your brain.

    I feeling so fine right now!!!!!!!!!!!

    Have you ever looked down and said Damn where that beard come from. And remeber that you haven't shaved in a couple of days. it's that fucking obviuos that my wife is out of town and I have goofed off awhile!!!! coming home tonight better straighten up quick our its off to military school for me.

    Later BPPPPPP!!!!!!!!
  4. As you can tell I really enjoyed my day off work. Sorry for any ramblings from the mad scientist!
  5. The funniest shit is People's Court, people go to court about the stupidest, or most outrageous things. I was home sick one day and was stoned, fascinated by the girl who was suing a friend for the amount of $ worth of Ecstacy pills she had given him to sell. He won't pay her because he got busted, and the cops confiscated the pills. And they go on public television disputing this?
    And that was just the start...
    Watch out! It can get depressing! 13-year-old-self-entitled-sluts with attitudes("I'm DAMN PROUD! YOU DON'T KNOW ME YOU FAT BLEEPIN BLEEP I CAN DO WHATEVER I WANT I'M 13 MY MOMMA DON'T OWN ME") scare me about the future of this country!

    I'd much rather watch the Toon Disney Channel.. Or maybe Grounded for Life or Titus~~

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