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WTF - What are Canada's laws on mj now?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by eShock, Jun 4, 2009.

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    Ok so I got off work @ 12:30AM last night, dropped off a coworker at his house and headed over to my girlfriends house.

    On the way, a cop started following me, and eventually pulled me over. In 5 years of driving this is only the second time i've been pulled over.

    Keep in mind, I NEVER drive stoned as I hate the feeling of driving high...

    Anyways, 2 cops get out of the 1 car, and another cop pulls up behind them and he shines his light in my passenger side window, my windows are tinted VERY dark...

    He then opens my door and sais "What is that bag right there?"

    I gave him the bag and he said oh, its marijuanna, I said yes but its only crums, I can't smoke that! and he then proceeds to ask for my license, insurance, registration, etc etc.

    They then (3 cops) search my WHOLE car, not thoroughly, but they searched it anyways but asked if I had anymore weed, I said the only thing I'll have is a random bag or 2 with only crums, thats it. He then sais as long as there is no buds he wont charge me with anything.

    Personally, I thought it was ok to have up to a half oz as thats what the rule was a few years ago but apparently now they can arrest/jail you for even a gram or a .5. Have we really turned into america in terms of laws on mj? In the end, they let me off but took my phone number, I have NO idea why they wanted my phone number, but they didn't even run my license or insurance info...

    Anyone have any ideas on what is going on? I'm getting paranoid now and I am sure I will get pulled over a few times now here and there so they can see if I have weed....

    Anyone had anything like this happen?

    Today I have cleaned my WHOLE car and armor-all'ed EVERYTHING and vacuumed, I am never blazing in my car when I get home ever again unless its the winter...

    On the + side they werent assholes, they were pretty nice about everything, just wanted to make sure I wasn't impaired, and when I asked why they pulled me over, they said it was because I was going slow, but I was going 40 in a 40 and 60 in a 60. If I was speeding they would have pulled me over for that too.....

    They laughed @ the high times magazine in the back, and I'm lucky cuz I was gonna go pick up a half quarter from my friend last night before dropping my friend off instead I told him I was gonna get it today.
  2. they probably took your fone # to listen to your calls when you pick up bud or somethin
  3. really....?
  4. Or they need it themselves, They weren't going to confiscate/smoke your weed cuz it was just crumbs.:D
  5. apparently governments can intercept cell phone conversations and even find positions of the phone using internal gps fairly easily

    not so sure about canadian law..but here we have that goddam PATRIOT Act

    only in america would they call something that destroys the constitution and basically gives away all of your freedom "patriotic"
  6. Why would you say something this dumb?

    Of course they can't just "listen" in by having your phone number... That still doesn't explain it and yeah it def is WEIRD... lol
  7. My dealer has been arrested a few times.

    In my city the general guidelines (given to him by the judge and his prosecutor) are that it's never illegal to drive or be on public transit with any amount of illegal drug on you. That being said, you can have as much on you as you want as long as you are on foot, as the judge agrees that it is unlawful for a police officer to search a pedestrian who isn't visibly breaking laws.

    So basically, you can be on you way home with 10lbs of chronic in your backpack and a cop walking behind you and he can't do shit to you.. until you visibly break the law by let's say jaywalking. Then he can stop you, arrest, you, and do a search.
  8. I don't know im not too worried, just seemed odd, maybe they wanted to see if i would give it to them or not, cuz if i didnt it would give them more of a reason to watch me you know.
  9. I'm guessing the phone # question was just to see if you were high or drunk. And I thought it was still legal to have up to a half oz. too, but I haven't been up to canada in a year.
  10. The legal status of marijuana in Canada is under dispute. Superior and appellate courts in Ontario have repeatedly declared Canada's marijuana laws to be of no force and effect. However, challenges to marijuana laws at the federal level have not resulted in the deletion of the appropriate articles from the Criminal Code of Canada and the Controlled Drugs and Substances Act. Police and prosecution services in other Canadian jurisdictions still pursue criminal charges for marijuana possession.

    The cultivation of cannabis is currently illegal in Canada, with exceptions only for medical usage. However, the use of cannabis by the general public is broadly tolerated,and a vigorous campaign to legalize cannabis is underway nation-wide.

    Several polls since 2003 have found that a majority of Canadians agreed with the statement, "The use of marijuana should be legalized", the latest being the 2009 Angus Reid poll. The recent development after the last election is however the opposite, a much more restrictive law with higher minimum penalties for drug crimes and a national anti-drug strategy including prevention and treatment.

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