WTF was that!?!?!?!?!?! W-T-F!!! WTFWTFWTF!!!!!!!

Discussion in 'General' started by TooSicKs, May 31, 2003.

  1. <font size=+6>WTF?</font>

    okay, so i decide to make me some baked potatoes for dinner, i bake 'em in the oven like i do every other night, uneventful. I take my spuds outta the oven and sit 'em down on my desk and go back int othe kitchen to toss some homemade cinnamon flatbread stuff i make for muchies in the oven, and i'm in the kitchen, i hear a fuckin' explosion in my other room "BLAM" i run in the room like WTF and i don't immediately notice anything out of place, until i see only one potato sitting there (i made 3). Upon closer inspection i found small shards of potato skins around the room, one of my spuds exploded like someone stuck an m-80 in that fucker!

    The explosion hurled objects off my desk, including the 2nd potato, which i found intact across the room.

    Now, there is an infinite amount of potato stuck to the walls, all over my desk, on my monitor, everywhere!!!!

    Fuckin exploding munchies!!!! now i'm out 1 spud and i gotta hell mess to clean up, but fuck it, i'll clean it after work tomorrow.

    I did find and recover my other spud and aside from an aerial excursion across the room along with some other stuff i had on my desk it's none the worse for wear, i brushed the lint and crap off, it's still good.

    Now i'm gonna try to eat the survivors. Hopefully i won't get my fuckin jaw blown off or something. If this post is the last thing you ever hear from me, you can safely assume i was killed in a freak baked potato accident, and in which case, it's been fun knowing you all!!!

  2. Maybe I'm just really high now, but this is funny as shit!! Look out for the potato shrapnel!!
  3. thats happened to me before two. except it was a burrito. i take the damn thing outta the microwave and almost get to the table when the damn thing explodes on the plate. i got boiling hot burrito sauce on me and dropped the plate on the floor, making a huge stain on the carpet. i was so pissed, not because of the stain, but it was the last burrito. i just said fuck it and went to tacotime. :D

    I love how you go into detail about evferything, i do that on a regular basis in my head while doing things but can get confusing, like right now for instance;)
  4. hee heee "three killed by an explosive potato".... that's weird.
  5. "damn sarge there comming over the hill...and we are almost out of amo!"

    "not to worry old chap ....we still have several spuds left !"

    "oh yes rightie o old boy they'll never get past those!"
  6. its cause pressure next time cut the potato skin before u cook it. :-D
  7. Hahahahh. That woulda been a bitch to have been holding that potato when it blew. Or to have been just about to take a bite. Man. "OH MY GOD POTATO, GET DOWN!" This thread may have saved someone's life. It's a reminder that we should all be a little more cautious when dealing with potatos.
  8. That's the hardest I've laughed in a week. I've never had a tater randomly explode on me before. Didn't you poke holes in it before you cooked it?

  9. that's what I was gonna say, especially if you make the shit in the microwave

    you should do the same with pot pies lest you get bits of 400 degree chicken on your face

    one more thing--if you heat up water in the microwave be very careful, apparently something needs to trigger the boiling process so even if the water's hot enough to boil it could be sitting there doing nothing until a rough surface comes into contact with it (such as a metal pot you would normally boil water in). if you would then stick a fork in the not-yet-boiling water it could splash out of the container and burn you. I was kind of stoned when I saw the dateline special or whatever about it so I could have it very wrong, not to mention that I failed whatever science class it was that they may have explained that
  10. after that scud missile went off next to my head in the gulf, i thought my potatoes were exploding and assasins were hiding behind that door with 9mm pistols too(lol). i think ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,thorazine mixed with a little vitimin-L will enhance your trippn experience. hmmmm sounds like fun, party on dude! lmfwao
  11. ROFL!! total stoner shit!!

    man am i just high or is that fucking funny as hell..

    probably both
  12. Wow, I never knew that about water. I used to nuke water all the time to boil it so I could make gravy at DQ. I guess no one else there saw that Datline special either.

  13. :D its just a little air-born its still good its still good!
  14. hmmm....I wonder if we should petition to have warning labels placed on all potatos......may cause bodily harm....
  15. LOL, Mrs. D... potatoes can be wicked; I heard somewhere that they can be made into some potent homemade brew.
  16. how the fuk did a potato explode?!?!

  17. little tiny talybaners climbed inside and wated till the right moment ....and simltainously ...spontaniously combusted!
  18. Maan, I must have baked like 40,000 potatoes in my life workin in kitchens, i used to be the potato guy cause i was the only one tall and big enough to lift a full tray into the oven. I was workin' with all these lil' mexican dudes like 4' tall and a big black dude who was head cook and looked and talked exactly like "chef", i never poked holes in 'em, and never has one blew like this thing. last night it hurled a vapor of spud for like a 5' radius, blew change and lighter off the desk, and the other spud eas like 5 feet away on the floor.

    Speaking of potatoes, how many of you ever seen/built the ultimat redneck backyard toy, the spudgun?

    Back in tha day a bunch of us got together in the hood and built a mad cannonpiece. We got some schedule80 pvc, a grill sparker,and other parts and built a 5' long shoulder mounted launcher that would fire a 2" round potato plug through a piece of 1/4 plywood. Maan it was badass, we'd fire it across the hood and see how many blocks down the spud landed and it went like 5 or 6 blocks down if you got a good trajectory. We built all kinds of em after that.

    I used to work at a jet ski rental place and i had a floating garage that i used to rebuild engines and stuff in tied up on the waterway. I built on the end of the dock a swivel mounted air cannon that would fire 1 liter soda bottles all the way across the waterway and into this big empty area.

  19. LMAo thats some funny fukn shit :smoking:
  20. once my mom put a honeydew melon in the microwave and it blew up and blew the door open so hard it damaged the hinges. evert square inch inside the microwave was coated in about a half inch of melon. it was an act of god.

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