wtf meth lab? Are you serious?

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by thakilla, Jun 2, 2009.

  1. My girlfriends stepmom calls the cops and tells them to bust this meth lab on their street well then the bitch goes down there and tells them that SHE was the one who called the fucking cops. So the meth addicts threaten to blow up her house and kill my whole girlfriends family. WTF. So my girlfriend has to go live with her real mom and her stepmom and dad are goin somewhere else for awhile. Umm what the fuck is wrong with our world?

    You know, if everyone just stuck with smokin weed, this world would be alot better of a place.
  2. lol what a fucking idiot.
  3. Dont f with people that cookmeth. theat is just stupid. they will kill u cuz they will go to jail for 20 years or so.
  4. yeah bad to fuck around with that shit, In the end It is no bueno. I hope everything works out for you man, I really do
  5. Yea, thanks. Shes stupid as fuck to do that.
  6. Are you kidding me? That's retarded, why would she tell them that she was the one who called the cops?
  7. Well, I hope it doesn't come to all that

    I probably would have stopped short of going over and telling them it was me, but hey
  8. no offense but your gf's step mom is retarded. what was she trying to accomplish by personally telling the meth heads that she was the ONE who called the cops on them. Hope everything works out man.

  9. Shes stupid. Idk, she was a bitch to me when she found out i smoke weed too. Whatever.
  10. "You know, if everyone just stuck with smokin weed, this world would be alot better of a place."

    You know, if everyone just stuck to minding their own business, then the world would be better. If you aren't harming anyone but yourself, then who gives a fuck?
  11. I hope you aren't suggesting that somebody cooking meth down the street should be left alone cause they are minding their own business? You bet if I find out some fucking tweakers are cooking meth near my house you bet I'm gonna call the cops. That is exactly the type of thing that cops and the DEA are actually useful for... Not only does a meth lab bring around shady people and make the neighborhood look shitty, it is also highly highly dangerous and if it were to explode chances are that neighbors' houses would go up in flames too.
  12. dont fuck around with tweakers. they are crazy
  13. meth harms tons of people when you deal it
  14. Yea i agree with a7xtasy and nuggies. Her stepmom calling the cops was straight and the right thing but goin over there to cuss them out and tell them she was the one who called the cops is where she fucked up.
  15. this.
    why would the bitch tell them. lol.
  16. Hahahahaha i know.
  17. Agreed. The DEA shouldn't be going around fucking with dispensaries (stopped in CA at least). They should be shutting down meth labs. I would call the cops without hesitation if I knew that someone was cooking near my house. Definitely wouldn't go tell them I did it though. Pretty retarded of her. If they're cooking I'm sure they know plenty of people who will want to take revenge.
  18. she might of well have just gone over there and asked to be shot
  19. Her stepmom is a FUCKING RETARD, you don't fuck with meth addicts....EVER!
  20. wow she is actually so retarded words can not describe.
    never call the cops on meth houses.
    they all take care of themselves eventually.
    one exploded near my house when i was 12. i had to wear a mask around the hood for a couple days because everyone was worried about fumes and shit.

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