Wtf is up with my tolerance?

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  1. I'm 18, and I've been smoking for a little more than a year, but I am a really big pothead. I smoke almost everyday, and sometimes I smoke enough to stay high all day. But why do I have such a low tolerance still? Everytime I smoke with my friends I always get the highest and start trippin first. Its like I'm in another universe, How can i build up a better tolerance and be chill when im high?
  2. its not a bad thing lol. you save more money when you smoke alone or something cause you wont need as much
  3. Never heard of someone wanting to increase their tolerance...

    Just smoke less than your friends do...
  4. I'm the same way, but I still smoke more than my friends cuz I wanna be high ALL DAY! CHYEAH!
  5. some ppl just are like that
    be happy u have a low tolerance
    just learn to control urself if u want to b "chill" or w e

  6. yeah be happy you do cuz i had 2 edibles in one day one in the morning and at night from clinic, i didnt feel shit :/ i wish mine was low time for tbreak
  7. bro I'm the same way. it's a good thing! lol
  8. Actually sometimes it's a bit of a hassle if you're one of those people (like me) that smokes during college breaks with your friends, because honestly if you get too high and you're trippin' ballssss you don't really want to be in a classroom situation, besides you cant concentrate for shit. Sometimes all you want is a nice mellow high, not too heavy ya know, just so that you can still function normally :smoking:
  9. Ill see you in 3 years pissed off cuz ur not getting high like the first times. :cool:
  10. I don't see the down side, except maybe in groups. I would love to have a low tolerance. Have little bud and no money can be upsetting:(.
  11. You've only been smoking for a year...

    theres your problem
  12. After I smoked daily for a year my tolerance was pretty fucking high. I don't really think this is the issue, although I guess it could be, these things probably just depend on the person and how their body reacts to cannabinoids.
  13. Um...

    Enjoy your low tolerance, lol.

    If you want to "be chill" it doesn't take a genius to figure this out. Smoke less.
  14. I don't see why so many stoners take the I want to be able to outsmoke you stance. Having a low tolerance is great! You save so much money.

    As for the smoking in groups thing, just because you're with people does not mean you have to smoke just as much. You should know your limit, and how much you need to smoke to get as high as you'd like and stop there.

    There's no need to go hit for hit with everyone if it means you're going to end up uncomfortably high. If you have friends that egg you on, and try and peer pressure you into smoking more than you want or make fun of you for not smoking as much as they do, you need to put them in their place or you need new friends.

    The only time I can think of it as a bad thing is if you throw down a bunch of weed or money for a blunt or something, and then only take a few hits.
  15. i have a reverse tolerence almost, i smoke like 3 big hits out of a bowl and are high for like 5 - 7 hours and i've been doing this for a good 3 years
  16. Be happy bro haha

    I hate my tolerance

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