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    Since I started smoking, smoking is all I've done. Recently, however, some friends and I decided to buy some shrooms to try. None of my dealers sell anything but weed, so it took us a while to find a guy, and when we finally did, he was a friend of a friend's friend. So my friend's friend bought the shrooms with his own money, then my friend (because his friend wasn't comfortable with anyone but him picking them up) went and paid for them with the money I gave him. I paid for 10 grams at $6/gram. My friend came back to me, saying that they ended up costing more than expected, so instead of the promised 10, he had been given 7. I was OK with this, because after all the waiting (about 6 weeks) I was just ready to try these things out. HOWEVER, when I went home and weighed them out, I was shocked and PISSED to find that not only had I not been given 10, I hadn't been given 7. I had been given 4. This means that I paid $15 a gram, when I was told I was going to pay $6.

    Now I am not going to be ripped off. So I called my friend, who said he would talk to his friend and try to A) get me my money back or B)get me what I paid for. My question, then, is this:

    If my friend fails to do either of the above, what should I do?

    EDIT: These 4 grams are not for me. They are for myself and 3 friends. That's why it's a problem.
  2. If all else fails then eat the 4gs it will get you nice and fucked. Also if its your first time, i think after your done doing them you will think its well worth the money w/e you paid.
  3. Idk if there is much you can do. Shit happens
  4. suck it up and have your trip. 4 grams is plenty to have a good trip if theyre even slightly potent. just dont buy fromt hem anymore and find somebody else.
  5. I forgot to mention above, these 10 grams were to be split among 4 people. So now it's 4 grams to split among 4 people.
  6. buy a knife and use it
  7. Those were my thoughts, but I figured I'd ask for a more peaceful solution first.
  8. First rule, don't front money EVER! Giving them the money before you even see the product is just asking to get ripped off, especially when your going through so many people like that. I NEVER give someone my money to buy something that I'm not seeing myself first. They don't even see the money until after I see what they got for me. If the guy didn't feel comfortable with you coming with your friend to pick it up that should have been a red flag right there. If he didn't want you coming to his house or something you could have easily picked it up somewhere else. Sounds to me like this is a lesson learned. Don't pay for something before it's in your hands.

    EDIT: Also, don't go and shank someone because you made the mistake of paying for something you didn't even have the common sense to go an look at first.
  9. You're right. I made the mistake of assuming that my friend knew what he was doing as far as quantities go, because he had more experience with mushrooms than I did.
  10. you got fucked by your friend, bro. hes probally trippin balls from those 6 g's that he stole from you.:wave:

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