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  1. See attached pics. This strain is called AMS (anti mold strain) and is a new strain to me. I started this clone in cycle with other clones in this tent. I stop in for a through weekly (vs brief daily) plant health inspection since they have been in flower since 07/17. I pull the flap back and see this sprout that has shot up with bud sites that appear to have opened up and spilled a whitnpowder on the leafs below it. As you can see in the overall pic the plant is a female with normal budsites. The close up looks like fox tailing to me the went wrong? Ultimately I believe I have a hermie. Do I cut off the effected branch? Dump the entire plant? Dump all 4 plants?

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  2. That my friend is a hermi just pollinated everything in your room
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  3. Lost cause pull every plant you have in their and start over I'm sorry for your loss
  4. Thank god it's in my small tent. Now to carefully bag and remove everything from the room to destroy. Then a through wipe down and pre filter cleaning. Not to mention try to blow out the light.

    FML. That's easily a six month setback. I am going to chop its clones too that are vegging in another tent. It's sad because this one cloned very well and has great aggressive growth with broad leafs.
  5. Better spray IT down with water first to prevent scattering of pollen all over as you bag it!
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  6. Great idea. I was thinking of wiping it up with a damp cloth too.

    I thought this new batch of edibles (chocolate, a new venture for me) was messing with me or what? I never seen a hermie, it happens so fast.

    283 gr (10oz) 60% cocoa dark chocolate.
    28 gr misc popcorn buds decarbed. Powderized in bullet blender sifted through triple sifter.
    Added some moist coconut. Formed in 53 even piece molds. Should make for .5gr activated herb per...

    I have a pretty high tolerance and my previous oil dosage wasn't cutting it anymore.
    Needless to say I have the Forrest Whittaker eye going on right now.
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  7. "Forrest Whittaker eye" LMAO
    I always wondered if you grew a Hermie to finish, if it would be good for anything, smoke, Rosin press, or edibles?
  8. IMO Hermies aren't as bad as I've been lead to believe. I had 4 hermies in my last batch. Killed the first one I found immediately. Huge mistake?!?! The others appeared later. If its in mid to late flowering stages I suggest plucking off the pollen sacks with tweezers. I had 6 plants in 1 room. 1 was a hermie and dropped pollen and it only seeded the bottom of the plant it grew on, the rest of the plant and cola showed no signs of seeds. The other plants didn't react to the pollen at all. Honestly I don't see hermies being that big of a deal but I am sure they can turn out to be but I've had 3 grow with minimal seeding and cross pollination.

    Do what ever makes you feel safe man but ill tell you what. The plants that were hermies came out killer and smoke great and so didn't the rest of the harvest. I feel My only mistake was cutting the first hermie instead of pulling the pollen sacks. Wasted a lot of primo bud
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  9. It all depends on the hermie... some just produce nanners in late flower which really won't do anything.. if you start getting straight up clusters of pollen sacks it's really going to depend on a few things such as how many other plants are you growing... are you trying to sell any? Some hermies produce a few seeds some produce hundreds it just depends on the overall plant and your intentions but seeded bud can definitely be dank... hell my special queen on my first grow ended up with two seeds... was still amazing smoke.... idk where the seeds came from but they weren't quiet mature and it was just a couple small popcorn buds that had them..

    You can do the same stuff as you'd do with unseeded bud whether you want to smoke it or turn it into an extract or edible.

    Grow journal
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  10. After looking at your photos you seem to have a lot more pollen sacks/bannanas then I had. Yours look littered with em. I had maybe clusters of 3 or 4 at the base of the bud. here and there. Quite a few but you have way more.
  11. I would grow them out and keep the seeds . But that's me .
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  12. This room has 3 tents. I dont want to risk contaminating the room itself for future grows. It's isolated right now.

    Who knows, I may just cut off any effected branches to clean the pollen up and let them ride. I am not sure as of yet.

    I have a little weed hangover right now.
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  13. I told my buddy whom I got the clone from. He thought I was bullshitting him. He was like, naw never had a problem and it's finishing flowering. Then he did a good inspection for the sacks and found them. Time to kill this pheno
  14. Dude you already have pollen everywhere , you don't know what your talking about at all. But hey have fun .
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  15. Please enlighten me on not knowing what I am talking about? My plan to call all 4 plants a total loss and do a through cleaning?
  16. " I may cut the effected branches and let them ride " ........ all the plants are pollinated in the tent already . And if there are 3 tents in your room I don't know how well your seal is but I doubt you have it contained. I would leave that tent alone let them do them and end up with some seeds and bud you can make hash or oil from . But by all means chop it down do what you think is necessary but I bet you later on you find all your plants have been air fucked by that one little dude-et.
  17. Yep. I know all the plants IN THAT TENT are fucked. The other tents and the rest of the room is still fine, until I start messing with that tent. My other flower tents plants are ready for harvest here in a couple days, the veg tent is getting new pants ready, which I need to kill the clones from this plant. Each tent has its own filtration system so I don't know what type of growing you do.

    My thoughts of chopping them is to prevent any cross contamination from that tent to others.

    So kindly fuck off with telling me I don't know what I am talking about there junior.
  18. Junior lol . Hey man if you believe your " filtration " is that good than like I said by all means do you buddy . But no junior here I grow homie . Have fun with your seeds though . Oh and just cutting out what's been pollinated lol you'll see .
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