wtf is this ? help please

Discussion in 'General' started by ninogreen, Mar 16, 2012.

  1. I got this sh? a friend she said its exotic I say its fire
    A couple of people told me it its really good and it smokes and
    Taste like sour it didst have a very strong smell to it but you can tell
    It's not reg it has a kind of funky smell but real natural smelling
    Any suggestions ? Help and thanks

    P.s. I would upload a pic but can't be done my mobile phne
    A short desrcipt dark green with orangy brown hairs it could
    Also be the viens.
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    Idk man, need some pictures or something could be millions of strains.
  3. No need to be so rude man. Chill out a little bit :smoke:.
    And to answer your question, we can't answer that for you unless we see some kind of picture man. Even with a picture it is almost impossible to tell with all the strains floating around. Trust me man, there are a LOT of strains. If it's dank, smoke that sh!t up, who cares about the strain name. ;)
  4. Lol believe it or not im pretty fucking high. I sorta lose my filter... Gota realize what seems obvious to me isn't always the same for other people. Wow pretty fucking selfish thanks for pointing that out man.
    Sorry OP for being a bit of a douche.
  5. Is it like Stoney lock you to a chair weed or up and speedy.?

    Most stains are hybrids to some degrees.

    And are you asking what exactly?

  6. This is like me saying "Hey guys... today I ate a pie. I dont know what type of pie it is. It had a kinda funky smell but tasted real natural...... what type of pie do you think it is?"
  7. Cherrybananapunkin pie this is how I run my life
  8. mmmmmmm cherrybananapunkin
  9. okay so i went outside today and saw a cloud in the sky,everyone said it was a cloud.....what type of cloud was this?
  10. Cumulus.

    That's my guess.
  11. Yeah I saw this dog on my way home. It was medium size and brown. Do you know what breed it was?

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