wtf is this claw/tooth?

Discussion in 'Science and Nature' started by xCLuKx, May 22, 2010.

  1. omg dude thats mine :rolleyes:
  2. appears to be some kind of claw or tooth
  3. so you come, with a random claw/tooth without telling us atleast WHERE you are so we MAY have an idea of what sort of animal COULd have dropped that epic piece of itself...harldy seems fair hahahahhaha
  4. Looks like maybe an alligator tooth, live in the south?
  5. Let me think...

    Oh! it's from a bear! A black one. With soft fur.
  6. Looks like a bear's tooth.
  7. You discovered a new species.
  8. the detroit d doesn't give it away?

    im in metro detroit, macomb county

    and no its not an alligator, and i dont think theres bears down here, in the city.

    also if it helps i found this in the woods on a trail, somewhat still in the ground, and it appeares to be almost fossilized at one end

  9. this doesnt make sence.. theres woods in DETROIT!? :D
  10. *metro detroit :)

    macomb county ya know :p
  11. Clearly a succubus.
  12. you should probably contact the authorities...

  13. looks like deer antler, u got those right?
  14. Detroit huh? Could be a demon horn.

    idk. looks like a raptor claw to me
  15. this was the first guess, but it isnt textured the same as any deer antlers ive seen, and ive seen plenty. and it seems almost like..enamel? and like the texture of a claw, or tooth..
  16. I don't think it's a tooth, because then the whole thing would be enamel? So I think you could cross that off the list.
  17. Awww, Baby Unicorn :cry:

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