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WTF is the problem?

Discussion in 'Sick Plants and Problems' started by s0ulsbane, Apr 23, 2010.

  1. Please can anyone tell me what's the problem with my grow??
    The leaves didn't appear and it's been over a week.
    plus the stem is a bit yellowish near the soil.
    Been watering once every couple of days - outdoor grow.

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  2. Pic isn't too clear but i would say its that soil it looks like a load of shit dug up from your garden
  3. I agree, the soil looks like it it concrete the way it is packed down.

    No way oxygen is gonna get to the roots.

    Get a bag of fox farm soil, mix in 40% perlite and sit back and watch the grass grow. :smoking:
  4. Soil for sure. I used some crap to start some of my seeds and it was too hard after being watered and drying out. It was like concrete. My seeds did the same thing. They were expensive seeds though, so I carefully washed all the soil from the root and transplanted into some GOOD soil. They are doing great now :)

  5. The fox farm ocean forest comes with the perlite pre-mixed ;)

    GF said it all though, soil is extremely packed and looks to be rather low grade. Is that the seed shell on top of that stem? If so, it off with 2 sets of tweezers.

  6. Yes, I know the Fox Farms comes with some perlite already mixed. The problem is there is not enough perlite mixed in.

    IMHO, a nice soil mix has 40% perlite. Provides excellent drainage and moves tons of oxygen down to the roots. Keeps the soil nice and loose. Plus, it makes it almost impossible to overwater.

    Take a look at the grow journals of the people who grow trees, you'll see plenty of perlite in the soil. Probably around 40% or so. :D
  7. Gotchya. I've never had drainage issues with it as is. I know some folks mix it in to make a bag go further but not me,lol.

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