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wtf is endo?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Garcia76, Jan 20, 2004.

  1. i bought pot from my dealer and its insane its bright green and is almost completly covered in crystals. when i showed it to a friend he said it looked like endo. iv never heard of endo and iv smoked for 2 years is he talking out of his ass or what?
  2. Nay endo is some kill bud. How much did you pay for it.
  3. ive heard that endo is a diminutive for indoor grown or homegrown, and for some reason it can smell look or taste different than grown outdoors, i dont know why... maybe its true maybe not, but the high will most likely be the same...
  4. indo, for indoor...means its grown hydroponically
  5. ...

    i always though endo was indo.

    indo is short for indica.
  6. well maybe who knows. i smoke all of the time and seriously after 3 hits off my spoon im already buzzed. the bud is dense as hell bright green no brown and coverd with a layer of crystals. i havent smoked in a week because my school was given snowdays and that my usual dealer is dry. thanks to all that have answered.
  7. Wellll, the way I heard it, Indo is short for "Indonesian". If it's anything like the Vietnamese stuff we used to get back in the early 70s - WATCH OUT - that is some killer bud...

  8. So what do we have so far?

    Endo, or Indo, is :

    Indonesion Indoor Indica

    hahah, good stuff man ;)
  9. i can get indo. it's $50 for 1/8th. and quantity/cost is usually the best measure of quality, aside from actually smoking it yourself. so for me this supposed "indo" is the same price as KB, which kinda leads me to believe they're the same thing but different people/cultures/areas have different names

    check out:
  10. Its costs 60 and 1/8 around here.

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