Wtf is a man supposed to in this day and age

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  1. Im not going to lie, I have social anxiety to the extreme, and therefore I drink liquor every time I have to have interaction with people I'm not used to being around, because I can't get a damn script to benzos, and even then that's no better than just getting addicted to alcohol..

    So what the fuck is a man supposed to do when he doesn't want to get addicted to drugs legal or not, but has severe social anxiety???

    Can anyone tell me please cus I just havent figure out the answer


    And for the record, I have been drinking, so deal with it :D
  2. I'm with you. I am so anxous around people and booze smooths me out and allows me to be myself without having to worry. I wish there was another option, E is good, but I wish there was another.
  3. just get addicted to drugs anyways.
  4. I dono man....i dont know....i developed social anxiety in college and it actually led me to not going back. 3 years later im still affected...i dont know a trade...i cant go to college and sit through class...I feel like the only thing i can do in life to make a living is to lay low in the woods and grow herb, stay away from society.

    When i do go out i drink as well, and i do/say things to people that are only making things worse. Im actually gettin bad with the alcohol...for example last friday me an 4 friends bought a handle of jack daniels, and a 30 pack of budweiser. We finished all the alcohol and went and bout 2 more 30 packs. I only had about 2 more beers before getting pissed off for some reason and driving home 10 miles away. The next day us 4 decided to go ice fishin and drink all day, well needless to say i ended up gettin pissed at my buddy an drivin home again.

    I used to take paxil and get Valium/ ativan scripts, but i got off that shit and stuck with the pot. Its healthier and better for me, but i do have anxiety issues, and am not comfortable goin out in public alot. I think i was born to live in the deep woods, im not a people person, and i dont like alot of people. The problem is making enough money to buy a house and some land and live on my own.

    Im thinkin bout moving to northern Canada and growin cannabis my whole life. Its my belief, and i dont think its wrong. Majority of people know that pot is much safer than alcohol. I would only be helping society by doing so.....
  5. Stims like E tend to make me more nervous.. If it was the the answer I'd go with it, cus I can actually get that.. It's just not the answer, but I don't know if it's any better than drinking.

    Have fun with that

    I'd love to move to Canada for any reasons man haha.. Unfortunately they don't just let anyone in.. Unfortunetely the more I thought about it the more I realized no one might have the answer I seek in Pandoras Box.. Were all just searchin for meaning
  6. you should take a bunch of acid and go trip in the mountains.

    ps.bring a guitar
  7. I wish I only had social anxiety and just drank whenever it irked me.
    I had social anxiety, started doing drugs and alcohol and got over it.
    However now for unrelated reasons I have severe depression and need to get high to help myself.

    So, do what you need to do.
    I've always found that drugs help mental problems though.
  8. when ya can't see, get glasses.
    when ya body infected, get ya pills.

    when ya mind ain't right, a little herb ta set ya fine.

    in all seriousness, sir, as though your mind and conciousness are not somethings that need to be remedied, medicated, relaxed, massaged, etc, etc.

    whether you medicate or exercise, hand guide your mind

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