wtf! i hate dealers, junkies and especially junkie dealers

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  1. uuuuugghhhhh. my boy and i called up our oc connect around 130am who told us to come meet him so we could split an 80 (we both took 1.5 80s earlier, gotten from same guy). We drive 30 fuckin minutes to meet this kid, and he wont answer our calls or texts now... i understand its late, but he was around and said to come buy... hell he was out getting food when we called. I didnt need anymore, so im glad i saved the money, but im still pissed. Any opiate user knows what its like when you know you can get some/are going to get some, so hopefully some of you can emphasize - im just upset now:mad::(

    not its freakin 3:50...

    I just took some klonopin and lit a blunt... i guess shits alright:smoking:
  2. talk about opiate usage/stories in pandora's box. real life stories doesnt need an oxy thread.

    get off opiates man, i had myself in a deep, deep hole
  3. yea dude Ive had that happen a few times when scoring opiates, so I always make it clear and ask "are you on point?...'cause if your not, I'll wait, dont tell me to come out to the hood and meet you, and then you take a fuckin hour.
    - just chill on those kpins and herb and forget about it for 2nite. next time you talk to dude let em hear it though, dont be a little girl, speak your mind and tell em you drove all the way out there, not only wasting your time, but your money as well. Maybe he'll cut you a deal or throw you a free pill, at the bare minimum, he'll show up on time next time you cop. Let him know you arent gonna sit and wait around like a shmuck for him, even if you dont have other OC connects, make it sound like you do. 1 thing is for sure, he doesnt want you buying off anyone else.

    oh, and btw, junkie dealers dont exist :smoking:

  4. its a real life story man - and thanks for the advice but i have no opiate problem. ive had a bigger kpin addiction, until recently, than most opiate users.

    lol, trust me, they do... and this kids one em. He told us to come at the time we left because we were gonna end up passing through the area where the burger joint he was as is, and we were just gonna do everythin there. We called him right before we left and confirmed so like.... wtf? Hes not sketchy... but always mad fucked up and shit, and tough to talk to due to his talking, and sometimes irritated/dick attitude (usually you can tell he's sick then).

    He's usually dead on point so i wont be harsh on him, but my boy and i already left him a pretty good text - i doubt he'll throw anything in for free... maybe valium or something lol. Kid NEEDS money for his habit. Its too bad cause a lot of the time he's mad chill. Eh, oh well, shit happens... and i saved $30 bucks so, it works
  5. junkies arent 'true' dealers though, thats all im saying. there just supporting a habit like you said. Sure, many try and can keep it up for a little bit, but it never lasts.
    IMO, a dealer is someone who takes the game serious like a business, and the number 1 rule is you cant get high on your own supply! Junkie dealers never last long cause they'll spend every dollar they make on more drugs for themselves, thats not legit drug dealing in my book. If you a drug dealer you STACK cash, not spend it on gettin a fix.
    - glad everything is gravy though and hopefully future transactions are In, Out, Hello, Goodbye.
  6. Wow $30 for an 80?? I'm lucky to pay 75 around here. But yeah man if there's any advice I could give you it would be to stick with the great herb
  7. and if I could give you some advice;

    When making pizza, make sure you have 2 layers of cheese, one below the topping and one above.
  8. he was gonna split it so the 80 was gonna cost 60. man i need to pick up alot and go out of state, they go for 40 in philly.
  9. It's okay, his sig says that anything he says on GC is fiction, which means that he never even had an opiate addiction. hehehe
  10. but even so, things about opiates should be kept in the Box.
  11. dude....its more of a RL story then about opiates.

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