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  1. Hey gc..
    Lately, well for a few months now ive had no friends. I go to a real small continuation school and i graduate this week. I only made one friend this year and we dont hang on the weekends. All my other homies have either got new friends and the group is done. I really want to make some new homies but idk how since i wont be going to class, only working. It gets very depressing becuase i know everyone is gonna be partying this summer and im gonna be bored as fuck at home, im pretty shy and it takes me a while to warm up to people. Im gonna chug some 40s and sulk in my depression..any loner stories or advice welcome.
  2. I have a hard time making friends too. What I did was join a recreational sports league (floor hockey) to meet new people. Since they're on your team it's easier to bond and form friendships. If you find out any of them smoke bud too, ask if they wanna smoke up sometime, guaranteed friend right there if they take you up on the offer. Just don't be annoying and text them a million times a day.
  3. I don't have any friends either! :( what about your family? Do you have any close relatives around your age? If I didn't have a big family I would of lost my mind a long time ago. also you might become friends with one of your coworkers but be careful about revealing your mj consumption. I wouldnt want them to snitch on you.
  4. i replied in the duplicate thread you made 
  5. go out sometimes dude
  6. im not a people person.  so i cant really say i understand.
      why not go for a walk outside by yourself and take a moment to love yourself? (not like that, you perverts! LOL)
      go to a neat wilderness area and just chill and enjoy the scenery like we're supposed to!
  7. Ask someone to kick it man that's it.. do you goto Oak view or indian hills by any chance?
  8. ive been socially isolated for a year. only people i talk to are occasional "acquaintances" on facebook, instagram, texting, coworkers and people when i go to class. other than that i'm by myself at home all the time. at first i was pretty bummed about it but i actually enjoy it. just gettin lit up every day focusing more on myself
    don't think about missing the parties. think about those parties missing the coolest motherfucker
  9. Yea bro it sucks, i know ill get over my old friends eventually, it just makes me sad when i see them with there other friends and act like i never existed, or will never msg me on fb or hang with me on the weekends. Life goes on though and i think im gonna just look for a solid female to be a cool gf who blazes
  10. Where are you from? 
  11. Almost all of my friends right now are from high school. I surprisingly really didn't meet a lot of new people during first year, mainly because I commuted to school rather than living on residence. But really, your true friends are the ones that contact you to chill even when school is done or you've switched jobs.
  12. Op, you should break into several peoples houses, i really advocate the breaking in part, and then collect hair of people you wanna be "friends" with, and then make all the hair you collect over several years of creepy break-ins into creepy little hair doll friends. 
    I think what you really need is some hair doll friends.
  13. I just sent you a PM, but what you didn't get in that was that I just lost my very best friend for the last 13 years, my cat.
    We make and lose friends all through our lives but the only ones who always stick with us no matter what: Cats, Dogs, Ferrets and very few other animals. Animals will come to love you and that is that. Once they love you, they love you forever no matter what.
    People, 99.97% of the time have ulterior motives for loving you. It usually what you can get or do for them that they truly love, not you.
    Sorry, but 54 years of experience has shown no challenges to my theory.
    My offer of friendship is an old, lonely man who knows where you are coming from and might be able to offer some good advice or just be an ear when  you need someone to talk to.
    What say you?
  14. I got shifted to a whole new country and made friends here man. Not that hard just wait for someone to say saomthing to you when u go out
  15. Unlock the friends in your head.
  16. find people you have shit in common with. that's how you meet new friends
  17. I feel the same thing... :/ I used to  have a lot of friends back in like middle school. But then I lost most of them when I went to an online high school.. I have a few friends but none of them are close and I spend most of my time by myself.
    It doesn't help that i hate people! Ha.
    Joining a club or a class or a sports team or something might help, I tried to meet people by volunteering with an animal shelter but it turns out that literally everyone else who volunteers is past middle aged. Soo, I can't really be good 'friends' with them. And dancers are bitches. I'd say you could try to meet up with GC people but that's creepy as fuck. No one should ever meet from the internet ha..I don't trust that at all!
  18. Think more positive I used to be hurtin and depressed but everytime I felt like that I trained myself to get pissed off angry at myself for doing thatDont get depressed.......Get angry.............Then smoke lotsa bud!
  19. Not having friends is shitty dude, focus on maintaining relationships and this won't happen. Go do stuff and you'll meet new people. I was smoking with my friends a few hours ago and we met 4 new people because they happened to be doing the same thing in the car next to mine, and now we know 4 new people and have another connect. Last week I made a new friend on the bus to toronto. Just go do stuff 
  20. :laughing: sound advice..

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