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WTF happened to me?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by bojangles88, Aug 13, 2008.

  1. #1 bojangles88, Aug 13, 2008
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    Ok, so this is what happened to me tonight. My buddy called me up around 7 PM and asked if i wanted to LSD tonight since i'd been talking with him about it and even watched some friends do it over the weekend. I told him a modest "maybe" thinking if there was a good place to do it i'd be open for it. In the meantime, he was going to one of his friends' apartments (the dude who owns the apartment is an aquaintance of mine, we don't get along THAT well).

    Anyway, I ask if i can just go with to the apartment so i can talk more about LSD and what to expect with my friends. We get to the apartment and the guy who owns the apartment (we'll just call him Tony) and Tony packs a bubbler. The bubbler gets passed to me and I take the biggest rip of my life. It comes back around to me, but it's basically cashed. After sitting there for a while, I was wondering if I should break out my weed and match a bowl. Then I realize that i'm REALLY fucking high. It should be known that I've smoked weed every day for about the last 3-4 months (usually at least one bowl per day of beasters or danks). So I take just ONE huge bubbler hit and have a coughing fit. After I realize that i'm incredibly high, I kind've freak out and put on my shoes and leave the apartment altogether.

    At this point, my head is kinda cloudy and some parts of my vision are blackening out. I walk out into the apartment hallway and get about halfway down before i turn around and go back into Tony's. I ask him honestly if he put anything in the weed and he said "Well no, but did you enjoy it?" That whole statement felt contradictory. Also, EVERYONE there that i was with for that bubbler sesh also seemed incredibly high, like higher than usual. Throughout the course of 2-3 hours they smoked about 2 more bubblers, but i passed on it each time because I was still at a peak of my high. Sometimes I'd go on the porch with one of my friends to have a cig and we talked about it. He said after I asked if they put anything in it, he also felt really high and uneasy. This could've just been him paranoid about what i'd said.

    It should be known that i don't TOTALLY trust the people I was with. These guys just started talking almost constantly about acid and how it connects you to people and other weird shit. These guys often talk about how bad government is and other conspiracy types of things. Anyway, they were talking like and just constantly bringing up "acid" and "tripping" For the first hour or so, my thoughts were also really different than what i'm used to. Anyway, Tony had to work at 7 AM and we had to slang some bags so we all parted ways. When we left the apartment, one of my buddies said "Surprise" in this crazy voice. Basically the reason why I didn't keep asking them about the weed was because they told me it was "just weed." I didn't want to keep asking because if it was ONLY WEED i would've felt like a fucking asshole because i smoke weed all the time.

    Some important things that I remember was that I know on LSD the trip lasts for a long time and you usually can't sleep, but I felt as though I could probably sleep fairly easily about 15 minutes after the sesh. The weird thing was that i'm the king of munchies but after this sesh I wasn't hungry in the LEAST bit. It's probably also important to know that I didn't see any real visuals at all. In closing, I don't think they put LSD in the weed because i'm pretty sure that LSD doesn't work in that sort of way. What I AM wondering is what did happen? Was this just some really bomb weed that someone with a tolerance couldn't handle? Was I just paranoid that they'd try to slip me some shit and it took over my frame of mind? Or is there something else that they COULD put in the weed to produce this sort of high? Any help or opinion would be nice. Thanks guys.
  2. try making seperate paragraphs...

    i'm sober by this time of the morning and i cant even stand reading this...

    seriously tho, reading stuff like this hurts peoples heads. pretty sure i'm not the only one lol

  3. You're right, so i divided it up.
  4. ok, well i honestly dont know what they could've put in the pack that fucked you up so bad (unless it was LSD and you were lied to yo), but it may very well have been that type of a strain, not laced/mixed with anything... do you know what you were smoking specifically? maybe there was left overs of something else they may have smoked earlier. I have no idea what LSD would do to you, just throwin my opinions/thoughts :)

    Personally, i dont smoke with people i dont know or at least i wont smoke anyone's weed who i dont know/trust.

    You may be paranoid or freakin out, but you're obviously ok now man. Just be more careful who you smoke with and what you smoke.
  5. #5 bojangles88, Aug 13, 2008
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    Yeah I really wish I could recall more what it was like. It seemed like they were maybe lying to me and just KEPT bringing it up. It seems odd that they'd be talking about it so much if it was just weed.

    Anyway, I feel like if they did do something, they'll come clean later today. It doesn't matter now though because the whole experience has probably turned me away from doing anything harder than weed at all, so the whole thing might've been some weird sign.

    What i'm thinking is if you had some acid drops, could you drop that into a bowl and still get LSD effects from smoking it? Also I didn't SEE him doing anything to the weed while packing it, but i wasn't watching closely at all. He could've also just dropped shit in his personal bag before i even came over.

    Oh yeah, and to answer your question i have NO idea about the strain of weed. I usually smoke bowls and joints, rarely ever bubblers. I didn't even want to bother looking at the weed. My friends tried to tell me later that he just gets really good weed. I have a hard time believing that weed would've thrown me for this big of a head rush though; nothing close to it has EVER happened before with me and weed, not even close.
  6. #6 Dr_Octagonapus, Aug 13, 2008
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    major reason why i dont do anything but weed, i know weed is safe. i know what i'm getting and that it's not going to hurt me.

    no idea how acid and weed would mix, but i've always heard of acid being very halicinagenic though i've never done it myself... same with LSD now that you mention it... although i'm not certain...

    were you seeing shit? or just paranoid about the pack?

    edit -- i'm dumb, acid IS lsd lol... -_-
  7. Yeah I wasn't seeing anything AT ALL as far as hallucinations or visuals. And smoking weed is fairly common practice for me, so i wasn't thinking in a paranoid state of mind prior to smoking. It was after the bubbler was passed around a full time when I realized that i was extraordinarily high. At THAT point, i might've had the idea that they spiked the bowl, and it just sent me flying into a paranoid bad trip. It basically got to a point after that where there was no doubt in my mind that it wasn't JUST weed. I suppose that thought process could totally fuck up the reality of the situation. I'd say I have a better grasp on reality than that though.
  8. Yeah, i'm fairly sure it wasn't LSD because it just doesn't make sense. I know that LSD has to be kept cool to be effective, and obviously using a flame to smoke a bowl would destroy that. It just doesn't add up for that reason and lots of others. I'm more like wondering if some sort of weed could send me flipping like that or if it was something else, maybe PCP or the weed was dipped in ketamine. Both those scenarios are probably unlikely.
  9. If everyone was hitting it, then it aint like it was a trip on you. I have never touched the stuff, but it could be meth or crack, meth will get you talking about spaceships, conspiracies, all sorts of messed up shit.

    My cousin used to do meth(we dont talk) and he tried talking to me about satellites 1 time and I was thinking gotdamn man I will always stick to weed, shits not my thing.
  10. It sounds like you just got a really strong sativa strain man, nothing to worry about. It definitely was not LSD, you cant smoke that and have effects. Also, PCP and Ketamine are not really like that, they are more disorienting than psychedelic (especially PCP)

    With sativa strains sometimes people can get a bit paranoid, which it sounds like is all that was going on with you. Nothing to worry about :smoke:
  11. you got high.
  12. you tripped out.
  13. Were you particularly hungry before that or had you just not eaten much that day? I smoked a blunt of some dank with one of my buddies before who was explaining how he hadn't eaten anything all day. Soon after we were done he said he felt really light-headed and sat down and nearly passed out. He told me he was also experiencing blackening vision and shit. Either way, it was probably just flame ass weed and you took a fat rip. If you feel overwhelmingly high again maybe try splashing some cold water on your face and just relaxing.
  14. people dont smoke acid man,..

    u got high and got paranoid as fuck
  15. God only knows dude, fuck up dude, confront your buddies and find out about it. They can't stay angry at you for wanting to know.

    Everyone gets really fucked up sometimes, and that could have happened to you, or there could have been something else.

    It's doubtful you smoked meth, crack, or anything else. You didn't have withdraw from it, you didn't want more, and you didn't hallucinate so that eliminates acid/lsd.

    Could have been pills in there, you never know. Was there like, hash oil in there, or anything?

    Just ask your friends bud.
  16. probably smoked some kush yo
  17. You can't smoke acid.
  18. Sounds like amazing dank to me. And maybe you'd been dry a day or something.

    You can't smoke acid, heat destroys it, and that's nothing like the effects of acid anyway.

  19. No, its completely impossible.
    LSD breaks down almost completely when burned into several inert elements. People have tried smoking it, noone has got high that way.

    I'm pretty sure you just had a racy ass potent sativa, and you freaked out a bit.

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