WTF!!! Got caught by MOM!

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by D-Loc420, Apr 4, 2002.

  1. Oh, my god, what the fuck, man let me tell you a really bad story that happend to me today.

    Well i woke up today and was having a good day so i decided to go out to this old car i'v got in my backyard i'm fixing up and start toking.

    So i get stoned and come inside and chill out for a little while and talk to this girl i know.

    I decide to go over to her house, i leave my house and go over to hers, little did i know i left the window to my car down and i starts to rain so my mom goes out to the car to let it up and i got a newport pack layin' on the seat (she never goes down there for anything else) it had 1 cigg in there and 3 dimes my bong was also sitting up in the floorboard of the passanger side in plain view and she didn't even see it so it's good i still got it.

    So i get home from the girls house and get dressed for work i go down to the car to get my sacks and shit and there not there! i'm likw WTF! i just left them there.

    So i get home from work and i look everywhere for them sacks and still can't find them at that point (me:0 misfortune:3)

    Then my mom comes home and asked me if i smoked(ciggs) and i was like no and she said what about drugs and i was like hell NO!!!

    Now (me:0 misfortune:5)

    Then my mom says what about your stash i found in those baggies? I was like let me see these baggies that you speak of, so she goes gets them and i say let me see those and i dump my weed into another sack and swap lawn grass for weed and she flushes down the toilet so now it's (me:3 misfortune:5)

    So shes all flipping out about drugs and thinks i'm still using so i get all mad and try to explain it to her - she still won't listen.

    So i get online and pull up all these facts and myths about marijuana and calm her down so now she is kool and shit and chillin' which is good and hopefully she'll be kool about it from now on. this point (me:6 misfortune:5)

    From here i just gotta do 2 things
    1. hide my shit good where she won't look and
    2. regain her trust (which is really hard i'v had to do it before)

    But other than that i'm good and i hope that toking will be a little safer from now on.

    PEACE OUT!!!
  2. Sucks that you got caught, but man, leaving your shit out like that? heheh you musta been supastoned.
    and swapping the bags out, man how did you manage that? if that were my mom when i was younger she would have flushed it down the toilet THEN yelled at me.

    Good on you for doing the research to show your moms, but is she now cool with you smoking?
    Why would you keep hiding it from her if she is, and how can you regain her trust if you're hiding from her still?

    looks like you're stuck in a sticky (buds?) situation until you move out of your home, or until you can convince your mom that weed is all you do - and it's actually healthier than the cigarettes you smoke and etc.

    good luck with your situation, hope you figure out that "perfect balance"!
  3. ahhh the suck-ass-ness of getting caught....well at least u came out ahead of misfortune and kept your stash but your mom finding out......i forgot where i was going with this but the overall message of the post is summin like 'too bad that sux' ...then there was suposed to be summin uplifting or summin but i cant remember it....
  4. Hmmm... could be worse. At least she's chilled out about it. Hey it might just clear the air and perhaps lead her to accept that it is what you do and in future be more cool about it when SHE CATCHES YOU AGAIN. I mean it will happen. You just can't leave it lying in the open for fuck's sake- not while ur living with the 'rents still. Just keep it fairly quiet from now on and good luck man...
  5. Dude luck, She could have just instantly killed you upon your arrival home. Be carefull an smile you got lucky.

  6. speaking about leaving bong out in plain view, me and 2 of my friends were at one of thier houses smokin up and we were hella stoned and his mom comes home, we just played it cool and little did we know that we left his 2' bong w/ a big deamon face right in the middle of the counter by the door his mom walks in and we didn't even see it till we looked at her and then we saw the bong, HIS MOM DIDN'T EVEN SEE IT! she went in the next room and we were flippin out and eventually my friends convinced me to go get the bong, so i was sneaking into the kitchen like a fuckin SWAT team and i got the bong. that was one of the wierdest thing that ever happend to me while stoned.
  7. ^^^ That's great, I always tried to be real careful but when I lived at home my mom would been hanging out in my room with drug parephenalia everrrywhere, without noticing anything once. The only time I got semi-caught was when I came home from swimming, stoned as fuck and having to pee really bad. I'd just bought two packs of zigzags and some visene, all of which I had wrapped in my towel, which I set down on the counter as I ran to the bathroom. While I'm in the bathroom I hear some commotion "WHAT ARE THESE FOR?" ect... so I know she'd found everything and I think of a lie before I'm done in the restroom. When I come out she's holding the zigzags (apparently she didn't even notice the visene....) and I tell her that I happened to be in the headshop and just bought them so I wouldn't look like a cop or something. Apparently she believed me at the time... We laughed about it a year or so later though.
  8. lol, i love reading these posts,,, seriusly, i love the "like a fucking SWAT team" lol....that made me crack up and i'm not even high,,,, i wish i was tho,,,,,must,,,,,get....sum, i smoked out my friends bathroom, about 4 bowls, 1 from a bong and the other pipes, he said the WHOLE house smelled like weed lol and he was all pissed, i think it's cuz he hadnt smoked yet... oh well i was trying to act serious... it was funny lol
  9. Hey man cudda been worse. you could have been picked up at the police station. Not fun at all...i know from experience.
  10. the last time i got cought my mom took my chrome bowl and a 8th from me, then she gave it to my dad when he got home, then my dad just gave everything back to me then we packed one up. you are lucky man, i tried explaining to my mom that weed was safe and everything but she doesn't give a shit if its the safest thing on earth, she just doesn't want anything illegal around.
  11. This is some bad karma in this post. I started cleaning up last night you know hiding this and that and clearing out smells. My mom and dad are coming into town this weekend and am worried about getting caught myself. The ass kicker is this..... I'm 37 yr. old and she's 60 and I still worry about getting caught.
  12. Sucks when that happens. Like everyone said, you came out of that one with nutin but a scratch. BPP, lol, smae here except it's my dad. Not that he could do anything(37 also, marw/kids) it's more a misunderstanding on his part and the refusal to believe his youngest son. Never did see eye to eye with the old man. Oh well, toke one and we won't care,lol.,
  13. BPP~ don't feel bad, 25 and counting.. Don't think I'll ever stop worrying about getting caught.
    We are even hesitant to put a Dead sticker on the car, because my mom thinks that anyone listens to Grateful Dead are druggies :D
    I love my mom, but she is just NOT from this decade.
    Bless her heart, ignorance is so CUTE in her! But I love her anyway~
  14. "I was like let me see these baggies that you speak of"

    you really said that pretty funny still cool under pressure

  15. Yea thats crazy mum would kill me!! one time me and like 4 friends were outside at lunch smokin a bunch of jointsand yea my friend was rollin up and then she finishes we look up and see thisfuckin old guy takin pictures of us.. we're all like OH SHIT!!! yea we ran off.. only 2 of us got caught but it was for a different reason than the pictures.. i think that guy was just a sick fuck... and yea... oh well.. my mum i think she suspects i do drugs like on the weekend i'm goin to my friends house to do acid and yea shes all like his parent had better be home and yea she'll kick my asss and i'll get kicked out if she knows i do drugs. meh what do i care i wanna get kicked out!!!

  16. D-Loc420 How old are you ???

  17. who are you talking to?
  18. Me and My girls from school would ALWAYS smoke everyday in my car.....and it wasn't a problem until my dad decided to clean out my car and sell it to surprise me with another. Well he took out the console and found a joint wedged in my emergency break, and he found a pack of papers in my glove box.....I came home that night and saw it all sitting on the counter and my parents were nowhere in sight....i freaked and grabbed it all and shoved it in my came around the corner and busted me. Good thing i could talk my way out of the situation and only ended up being grounded for a week.........I had to break out with the tears!
  19. Or man you pussy !! LOL ;)

  20. The one thing thats nice about when you get caught is that you can always say it cost you a lot less then it really did. I got caught with $200 worth on me (which really isn't much, fucking rip off prices around here). I said it cost me $40 and that it was cheap shit form someone 'I can trust' (which I added in, only because I got caught about 2 months before that on shrooms, and was in the hospital.... and as most of you probably know, shrooms aren't tested for, so all they found was the pot... so I got off with "I must of smoked some laced shit or something")...

    Anyway, like I said, you ever get caught, theres probably a 99.9% chance that your parents smoked pot (I've only met 1 adult that I truely believe never smoked pot), so just say the prices were lower then what it cost you (since it didn't cost your parents much back in the day).

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