WTF.... Droudt??

Discussion in 'General' started by Flemian, Sep 24, 2010.

  1. Ughh Im havein such a difficult time finding bud. My normal people dont seem to be commin threw for me atm.. I might be FORCED to take a tolerance break(or maybe just a day) for the first time in a few years... WHERE IS THE BUDDHA!!

    I do have plants on hand but I dont want to cut a bud off the plant just to smoke when its not even dried out or ready to be harvested..
  2. Theres always bud dude you just gotta know the people who have least thats what I have found to be true.
  3. There usually a drought in august on the top shelf bud around where I am, but by now there is tons of great bud flowing around. My advice is to try and get some new connects because there are definitely people with good stuff around you, you just don't know them. If need be, you should go on a T-Break and definitely do not harvest prematurely, it's simply not worth it compared to what you will get if you let it finish and give it a nice 4-6 week cure.
  4. pfff, I'm gonna be dry for at least a month very soon. I don't want to buy weed, makes me fucking poor.
  5. I walked around my town the other night to try and find some green. Most of these younger generation teens dont even know what Im askin for when I say green. I seen a girl I use to puff with wile I was walkin and even she said nothings around right now. Reggies - Dank. Dry. I got some mids the other night but that was TOWNS away and Im not mobile or even know the dude. It was a friend of a friend.
  6. I dunno man, even when there's a drought where I am, it's only for the good stuff. There is always lower quality headies and kine bud and mids around all year. Unless you live in a very small town I doubt it's completely dry. I'm sure there are a bunch of growers in your town who you don't even know that have tons of good weed.

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