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Wtf did i just smoke (help!!)

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by milkpuller420, Jan 5, 2013.

  1. #1 milkpuller420, Jan 5, 2013
    Last edited by a moderator: Jan 8, 2013
    Ok, i bought a bag of weed from a kid i know. It came in a dime bag pre-grinded, Which alrady was a red flag but i was desperate. I paid $10 and smelled it. It didn't smell like weed at all. Smelled like mint, almost candy-ish. Anyway i smoked it and 4 mins after the world starts spinning I'm seeing triple and i can barley stand. I cannot tell whats real. I felt like i was imagining life or like a dream. Then i just vomit all on the floor. My hands were felling numb and like vibrating strongly unless i was squeezing something or cleenching my fists. I would zone out extremely just standing for a good 15 minutes ( to me it felt like 30 seconds) I was having a lot of trouble speaking The dealer said it was cali-kush but i think it was laced with something or it was K2 ( Synthetic Marijuana) Sorry i dont have a pic, i smoked it all but any help would be much appreciated
    UPDATE i just learned that it is synthectic. I confronted the dealer and he admitted to me that it came in a pouch with scooby doo on the front of it. looks just like this.. Shit, well at least i learned my lesson
  2. Sounds like that synthetic garbage.

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  3. Yeah just get rid of it and confront him to get some normal weed
  4. you'll be okay man. just try to find a new dealer. probably was spice
  5. Maybe Salvia?
  6. I'm with this guy. Sounds like "magic mint"
  7. K2 or salvia. Not laced imo ud feel better if it was lol
  8. yeah def k2 er something
  9. Yeah man you smoked that synthetic shit which is horrible for you. Next time make sure you get that kush smell before buying and it should at least be in nugs cmon
  10. So, you knew that it didn't smell like weed when you gave it the sniff test... And you smoked it anyway?
  11. Jesus... i would kill the fuker for selling fake weed... But its ur own fault... Way too many red flags >.>
  12. sounds like effects of Salvia :s
  13. ya i bet it was spice, when i tried that shit all i felt were intense vibrations through out my body, really bad paranoia, and a bad laugh attack
  14. if it was salvia itd be black as shit, he wooda hadda hold it for balls long, sounds like salvia though, idk why the dealer would give him that unless it was like 10x or some shit
  15. It was DTE (down to earth) the way you describe is exactly how it it. Takes awhile to kick in
  16. yuck, probably some of that fake corner store weed shit taste like shit
  17. yeah, im not sure. But i will be a lot more careful in the future
  18. Make sure you know what you're using before you use it. If you're not able to identify weed, you shouldn't be smoking it. Fuck that guy. Don't smoke that shit. Do some research.. and try again when you find someone who is trustworthy.
  19. You just smoked some synthetic weed man
  20. Chances are is wasn't K2 as that got banned, but it was some type of that synthetic spice stuff. That shit is fuckin wack

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