WS, specific. An idea for better cooling and filtration with water in your bong.

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    Hey guys. I love science, and part of my joy of science is applying what I have learned in my studies and in the lab to things in real life with me.

    So what I present to you will be a two part discussion. First stating my idea and the rational behind it. And then the practically of said application.

    So, Im sitting around thinking about all they hype about increased filtration, smaller air bubbles from diffusers, and diffuser designs. And what I realized is that their is probably only so much a diffuser can do on its own, due to the fact that the water is stationary. Water will not equally come into contact with the smoke because of it not moving as much as it COULD.

    This is where my idea comes into play. Yes it is silly, but for me, I have access to cheap magnetic rotators and magnetic beads that are used all the time in biological and chemistry related experiments. In chemistry they are ALWAYS used in glass containers. So what I may do one of these days is get myself one, plant my beaker bottom bong on it, get a nice vortex of water going on. Once its goin, Ill shut it off to take my hit as the smoke will disturb the bead more so and may cause it to bounce around.

    So thats my funny idea. But the practically of it is different. I do not understand the differences between Science grade glass where and my bong so, maybe one of you do? Weed star is my specific example since I own a 5mm messiah with a beaker bottom. Does anyone think it would be safe to give it a shitty shot? When I have more money I may just do it for the fuck of it and see if it breaks or not lol. But right now my budget wont allow me such dangerous experimentation.

    So I present to you, gentlemen of the jury my idea.

  2. The one thing I'd be worried about is it breaking. You're talking about using once of those little spinning capsule things to get the water moving right? If you're gonna do it might as well take some pics/vids for us :smoking:.

    Sounds like a pretty good idea to me though, all your points are valid. If you decide to try, best of luck!
  3. hehehe after I get the practice of making my first milk video. Im going to try to get my hands on a one, to give it a shitty shot.
  4. I dont think you would have to worry about it breaking. We used them all the time in high school and never broke anything with it. even with moving the glass around on the base to move the vortex. However, i don't really think this would do anything for increased diffusion. I'm probably wrong but whatev.:smoking:
  5. that would be incredible. subbed + patiently waiting for a vid =)

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