WS smellchecker Vs. Black Leaf Inline "The Nautilus"?

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  1. my room mate is stuck between the two, and would like advice from people who have owned one or the other. Any help would be great thanks.:smoke:
  2. I have the nautilus and its really great.

    I think its the best deal on GC for $55.
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    Your not helping him at all.

    Its not just the price you have to look at and your not even giving him an accurate price.

    The natilus, 4.2 mm glass, 17 inch's tall. 40mm diameter 75 dollars

    The natilus lean back, 4.2 mm glass, 12 inches tall, 40 diameter 55 dollars

    The smellchecker, 5 mm glass, 18 inches tall, 65 mm diameter 100 dollars

    Do you want something small and simple to use? get the lean back.

    Do you want a regular sized piece? get the Regular natilus

    Do you want a huge bong? Get the smellchecker.

    Price isnt the only thing that matters.

    Since you already own a WS product, you may as well stick with the brand. Looks nice when you can have a solid little collection.

    Then you finish it off, and branch off to other glass brands.

    Thats what I did ^_^
  4. I quite liked my nautilus but than I sold it :(.

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