Written to a teacher when asked to explain my drug use.

Discussion in 'General' started by Advocate224, Jul 27, 2007.

  1. I happen to be high as I type. Can you tell? I don't know if you could. Maybe, if you didn't know me. Than you'd realize that this must be the typing style of a particularly spaced mind. Nobody could always be baked all the time… or could they? Could someone always be stoned and still function? Probably. Eventually. Once a slight tolerance sets in. That's when true appreciation happens. When one can enjoy the effects of being high and still operate in today's world. A slightly slower world perhaps. But a better world. A tolerant world where everyone is free to do and to worship as they please. What would keep this world from tearing itself apart as the current world is now? An international set of customs and suggestions that people live by, not because they have to, but because they want to. Because they choose to only for the reason that it is better in the long run, for the good of the world. To ignore these customs would not be illegal, but would be thought of as so disrespectful, and so unthinkable, that nations and people alike would believe it to be an unnecessarily dishonorable and offensive way to act. These customs would revolve among the social use of marijuana. This is a world that I dream both because it suits my current hobbies perfectly and because I think the time is ripe for a new world, because like the different periods in history, both B.C. and A.D., the current world isn't working, and the time is ripe for change.

  2. hmm interesting
  3. You wrote this to your teacher?? If i knew you im sure Id think your a weirdo

    guy sounds like one of those anarchists
  4. i dont understand :p
  5. nice letter, stick it to the man
  6. Yeah I'm a tad confused myself.
  7. why did you write this to your teacher?

    and what did he/she say?
  8. didn't sound like an anarchist at all. He wants everyone to smoke weed, and (I think) he meant it to be 'taboo' to NOT smoke weed.
  9. Kinda a stoned rambling to me... And it is only like a paragraph.. was it a letter or something?

    Honestly you could write an entire paper on the thesis of a pot-smoking world... No war, no hate, and most arguments would be solved like they ar eon GC (with a bong rip and a handshake)
  10. When you are high you usually write shit that you understand when you are high, then when you are not high you read it and realize you left out much of the main idea so its jsut bits and pieces that confuse people : ) I do the same thing.
  11. wow, you must have bin flying when you wrote that.
  12. i can tell you dont do alot of stoned writing :)

    your creativity is only surpassed by your ability to ramble

    ive written 30 paged proffessional business reports stoned... trying to stay awake
  13. no offense but this shit makes you sound retarded, you ramble on about nothing.. maybe try to write the "essay" not high next time haha

  14. Exactly! Anything handed to a teacher beter be more than a friggen paragraph boy!

    Also I can tell you that paragraph is useless since it doesn't even touch basis with why you use drugs. Its off-topic. Its just a rambling about your fairy land dream :p I hope you didn't turn that in yet... if you want to look like a responsible pot head please learn how to write a structured essay.

    Ever have a dream about something that seemed cool or revolutionary and wake up going "wtf?" Its sort of the same thing, learned about it in psychology.
  15. This shit doesn't make sense.. why would you write this in the first place? It sounds like you're trying to sound smart, but you don't really write that well.. I hope that's not for a grade HAHA.
  16. Jeez, everybody's rippin on the guy. I liked it. I understood it, its all cool.
  17. he kinda brought it upon himself by posting a paragraph of senseless rambling.. how are people supposed to react?
  18. thats not the point if you like it. He said he wrote it to his teacher to explain why he uses drugs. Its just a rambling about his own little weed world, it doesn't answer the question anywhere. A teacher will look at that and laugh, it wont explain anything to them.
  19. Amen to that man.

    as for the letter itself, a lil short 'n' a lil rambly for my taste...
  20. learn2use the comma button thing

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