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  1. Writing Alexandra

    Alexandra, take me to hand. I don’t know if I’m real. My eyes now weary, worn lovely low. I’ll explain my troubles, I’ve talk of a queen, and perchance some talk for town. You know well of whom I speak m’lady. I can sit beside her or far away, tell me is she smiling? She’s wearing smiles, her lip’s upcurled and lush. Fashion’s nice to have. She’s bought the latest smile.

    This world’s gone tumbling down these hills, neither Jack nor Jill are standing. Both Jack and Jill are laughing. I’m sitting down in memories so plentiful. “Hush, smile babe. You’re a wonderful person.” I’ve been carried off and set to drift in many happy times. She’s danced such dances with aplomb, I’ve had fraternity with such a queen, my Helen. We’ve seen laughter, not yet a glimpse of majesty.

    Now awake. Now she’s turned. Hey they’ve turned. Now there’s dancing devils, crying loud, screaming. My pleasures mine not bought. Dropping down, pleasure is no pill. This culture’s ours or so you say. I won’t lend my name to this. Angel’s queen you’ve changed. I wish you this my Helen, good morrow for what’s the point in your today?

    You’ve history. We’ve history. This time’s a cycle.
    Once upon a time this queen was young. She’d make little steps to school and little patters in the dark. Holding hands with little boys and dancing round the Christmas tree. Her bully lived, maybe with a name, I wonder what. Was it Sam or James? They pulled her hair to tease.
    Lovely queen, you’ve history, we’ve history, your’ times a cycle.
    Once upon a time, this queen now older still makes steps to school and patters in the dark. She’s holding hands with boys and sitting scornfully near a Christmas tree. Her bullies lived, maybe they had some names. She pulls her hair and hurts herself. Time ago dreamers dared to chance an eye, dreamers dream her different now.

    An auction for an answer sold too much. Get the guns let’s shoot. They’re naked without a suit. You’ve heard this world from every mother, lover, daughter, brother, sweetheart, father, dreamer. In this, the age of our revolution, we’ve evolved. We’ve moved on, lets go dancing down the roads we’ve made. Listen to the world’s achievements; Safe sex, clean house, good job, nice dog, stability, happiness 5 minutes after swallow, old men dying heroin to arm, little children smiling, fates already doomed. Let’s get up, goto work, buy the paper, taste happiness and goto sleep exhausted, maybe chew some gum. Do you dream anymore?
    What price a sunny morning? What value a kiss on the cheek? Everything’s for sale m’lady. How much for that picture that will never now be painted?

    Is anyone round? Eye to eye. Quick go look away! Such a window to the soul brings fear. Your afraid your own reflection. Try and find a way to hide, it’s the way forward. New makeup, new hair, new clothes, new eyes, new toys, new cigarettes, let’s buy my silence with a kiss and velvet embrace. You’ve found emotion, bought today for 5.99. Black and white speaks to red, “nice smile” he says. “Why thank you, it’s taken years, such money” is her reply. I can’t hear too well, I hear all you’ve lost. I hear it more than words. Your words so fake they die before they reach me. Such ecstasy no art.

    Evening lover. Alexandra I can see our queen she’s lying side to road with hand on little flask, at present such is future. Help? All I can do is leave. I’m disgust, refreshing acquaintance with dear boredom. No revolutionary, no care, any wants? I know my likes, did I ever tell you I like to like? The way it goes, I’ll be sold and everything’s for sale. They’ll say I’ll be an icon. “He’s thoughtful, maybe dour. Such a sexy smile great pose and prose.” They’ll think I’ll steal the youth. Maybe so yet damn those darlings wearing suits, the sirens. I remember time, I’m careless in my cares. No revolutionary. Little children take such note the world is yours to damn or save. Leave me here, laughing ,for everywhere I go and everything I see is always at the marketplace. I surround myself with smiles, all I need is such return from beauty. So come on lover, let’s flit away, why not? Let’s go. No ties, I’ll survive anywhere, and I’ll thrive.

    Goodbye my Trojan queen, such shame you found belonging. Hindered in acceptance, happiness isn’t swallowed. Adieu and fond farewell dear Helen, I’ve found another queen, she’s mine and vices loved. This wreath is at your door. I’ll mourn my seven days till sun. Farewell

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