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Discussion in 'Marijuana Legalization' started by justinsxc, May 13, 2010.

  1. I am not very active on this forum, but I am a strong advocate in the legalization in marijuana. If people actually did the research with an open mind, we all would have the same views on the topic over marijuana. We all know the War on Drugs has failed for over 70 years, so we would want to change that right? I encourage you all to write to your Congress... not through an email or a typed letter, but by a pen and a piece paper. Here's how you can get them to actually read your letters if they follow protocol: Omar Ahmad: Political change with pen and paper | Video on TED.com

    Watch that TED talk. Once I get done with college this year, I am going to spend the summer organizing my thoughts and preparing an SSDP (Students for Sensible Drug Policy) at my campus next fall. I believe the more educated people get on this subject that the rest will fall into place which is why I will be sending periodical messages every 2-4 weeks. When I write the congressman, I will be sending them the truth and the facts in which they need to know. You should too! If you want any help just let me know.

    Peace :smoking:
  2. just wondering how many of you have made the move to do this yet? it's the way MJ will get legalized.
  3. I also want to be a cannabis activist.
    Tell me more I can do.
  4. get chapters started where you are from... for example, i'm in college and college is a great place to start a chapter because the kids there are open minded for the most part. we get a bunch of chapters started and educate people with the truth on the topic. once people are educated, things just kind of fall into place because it's pretty obvious that prohibition doesn't work. i would definitely get yourself educated... read everything you can on the topic, start conversations with people on the issue. the chapter i'm starting is SSDP(Students for Sensible Drug Policies). anything more let me know, we can all sit here and say we want to, but the hard part is keeping on it and doing it.

  5. He's 100% correct, everyone take 15-30 minutes out of your day and write a letter. The more we get, the better the chance to take legalizing marijuana to a federal letter or get more publicity.

    I talk with my teachers in school and argue about legalizing marijuana all the time, not everyone is aware of the initiative in November on the west coast.

  6. ok so I have had this written for awhile, but I lost some ambition to care for this topic for a while... summer will do that to you. here's a template you guys can use... I plan on putting my letters on here as I create them. Feel free to use the info.


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