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  1. So this is my first post, but the title says it all.

    I just woke up after being asleep since sunday-tuesday, or somthing like that. I dont really know what day it is. But im naked, and covered from head to toe with stamps. It appeares that someone drugged me, stripped me naked, and mailed me. Then, when i was received, they did not want to deal with me, so they stamped me, and mailed me away. This repeated until i woke up on the roof of a tall building, with a man pointing a gun at me. I noticed there was gravel on the ground. He walked towards me. I knelt down to tie my shoe(i was clothed as well). He stops a couple of paces away. I grab a handfull of gravel, and throw it in his face. As he tries to get rocks out of his eyes, i grab his gun, and kick him in the stomach. I scream "where is my phone. Tell me or i will blow your fucking brains out". Amazingly, he gives me my phone, and my wallet, with no money. I ask "wheres my money", and he takes all $15 of my money out of his pocket, and gives it to me. I said "despite the fact that you have given me my money back, you have sinned against me, so i will sin against you. Ill see you in hell". And i blew his fucking brains out. After executing a quadruple tap, i ran to a stairway, shot the locked door, and made cover in a stairwell. That is where i am texting you from. I must go. There are people coming ... Hey. I have 2 more guns, and 4 more clips. And 2 more wallets. And 2 less bullets. And 2 more streams of bloods on the floor. Its getting thick.

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