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  1. I know wrinkled leaves comes from the light being too intense on the leaves. I am, however, confused in my situation because I'm not using enough lights on them (2 45wat CFLs and a 75watt "tube" light for 9 plants at a month old) and there's 6-7 inches between them and the lights. Only a few of them are doing it and its on random leaves. Like, one plant will be fine and the one right next to it will have 2 wrinkled leaves and one a few spots down will have wrinkled new growth and yet the older leaves are just fine. I figured if it was because of the light, there'd be some kind of consistency with it. Advice?
    PS: sorry for poor quality pics, they're taken with my cell phone.

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  2. they look fine to me. wouldnt worry about it.
  3. dude are you giving them fresh air. put a fan on those babys helps alot
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    #1) They need a better light source.

    #2) They need to be like 2" from the light. (fluoro)

    #3) They are in need of nutrients.

    This is why they are pale and stretched at the internodes.

    Heat stress is giving the leaves that wrinkled appearance.

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