Wrinkled and drooping leaves

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  1. Have a concern with one of my ladies. She's indica dominate strain is pitbull. I have her in straight out of the bag FFOF and been feeding ewc tea. I haven't used any chems and I've been good about dechlorinating my water.

    But what is happening is effecting mainly the top older fan leaves everything else looks healthy. They are drooping downwards with the petioles just shy of 45 degrees. And the leaf surface is rough and wrinkled like a raisin. It's not cool to the touch like it should be but the bottoms have is just fine. Is this a sign of ph problems or a toxicity of some sort of element? She's going to become a mother so I'm concerned about the long term with her. Any help or links and what not is appreciated. Sorry no pic yet I'll post one to tonight during lights off since my phone camera doesn't like the hps.
  2. Pics sorry for the glare

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  3. that looks like a pH issue to me.
  4. I don't know...might be. I grow organically and I don't ph anything anymore, and it's a mute issue for my soil. I think since it's organic, it's far less likely to be ph related, assuming a big microherd in the soil. I think that your plant ate all of it's Mag and needs some badly tho. A cal-mag suppliment(1/2-1 teaspoon to gallon) is good, or plain epsom salts(1/4-1/2 teaspoon to gallon) or sul-po-mag(1 tablespoon to gallon, mix by shaking and resting, takes a while). The sul-po-mag is good, it's what I use when I need mag, it's langbeinite, a naturally occuring epsom salt and pottasium rock/mineral deposit that is mined; so your plant gets the k in with the sulfur and mag. Any of these additives will fix your plant. Let your EWC tea go 36 hours brewing for a flowering plant, less of the bacteria and more of the funguses is what you want to finish a plant with. If you didn't stock your dirt with extra calcuim, i'd add the cal-mag, you need both and at a speific ratio. If you stocked the dirt with oyster shells before you planted this plant and there is lots available, then go with just the epsom or sul-po-mag.
  5. Hasnt anybody heard of chleated mineral mix? As far as I know Epsom salts only have few of the 13 micronutrients . Chleated mineral mix has all 13 micronutrients . Also check ph , my problems look almost identical to yours ( ph meter broke )
  6. I haven't ph tested anything except my initial wetting before transplant. All my other strains are doing well but this one is pissed at me. I didn't add anything to the soil because I didn't have anything. I'm cooking a mix now for the next run of clones.

    So cal/mag deficiency causes this? I have Epsom salts so I'll try that mix u suggested. I assumed cal/mag problems occured like spots on the lower leaves. I will ph test the soil just to eliminate that possibility before goin into adding shit tho. Thnx
  7. No, not cal-mag problem, just a mag problem. Calcium problems look far different, the spots you mentioned, that's ca.
  8. Ok well I have some stay green but I'd rather go the Epsom salt route. Im going for no bottled but struggling since my soil is what it is. I made a tea of 3 cups ewc 3 tps of root rally (age old powder) full bloom(AO powdered) mollasses humic12 and 1/2 cup of kelp meal. Bubbled in 4 gal of ro with a big air stone and high powered pump for 30hrs. Cut it 60/40 gave it to the veggers last week and straight to my flowers. It was doing this before that though and everything had a huge boost from it over the past week but it got worse at the same time. Idk ha ha

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