Discussion in 'General' started by CVPX243, Jun 13, 2006.

  1. how many of you guys in here play world of warcraft when youre high, and whats ur guys name and stuff.
  2. i used to play the game, but remaining inactive until expansion. But, whenever i'm baked i always wanna play this game so badly :p
  3. lol no i dont think I've every played wow high, but I did play Warcraft III high not too long ago.
    I'll probably start playing wow again on expansion release.
  4. Same here dude.

    Don't play WoW when your drunk! you get motion sick so fast.
  5. Also waiting for the expansion. I just don't have the time for the endgame content. I mean 12 hours to run one instance. Fuck that.
  6. yeah i was just about to renew my subscription thing but everytime i play that game i feel like im wasting my time when i could be out chillin with friends and getting stoned and goin to parties and shit. it also kinda makes me feel nerdy like im the only one who plays it
  7. WoW's not my cup of tea, however it's the best MMORPG outthere right now, so until they fix SWG (never gonna happen) I'm stuck in WoW. But anyways

    MMORPGs and marijuana go together like a horse and carriage!!!!

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