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Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by justme, Apr 14, 2002.

  1. hey all...
    This place is still mellow and cool...I'm impressed...[​IMG]

    It's been awhile since I've been by to say, "high". Life, change, and responsibities are partly to blame. Being weedless didn't help much either...

    Now it seems I'm set for awhile...[​IMG]. It's weird being without for so long. I swear I think better when I'm high...everything seems so much clearer to me...and, oh so much more tolerable than when I'm not.

  2. heya girlie its good to see you back :D
    we did miss ya.
  3. thanks you guys....[​IMG]

  4. Glad to "see" ya back, a lot of the Blades were missin' ya!!! :wave: :smoking:
  5. Welcome Back!
  6. Weedless!!!

  7. yes, weedless?! my god!
    welcome back and glad you're stockpiled for awhile :)
  8. :hello: :wave: Wow, you're finally back! I missed you, so don't you go leaving again, now, y'hear!? I'm so glad to hear you're back in the green again. See ya around :) !
  9. You were missed by all of us! Hope ya here to stay awhile!
  10. Hey all...

    Thanks all for the warm welcome back! I'll hang around for awhile Stony...and, thanks for keeping in touch with me for all these months! [​IMG]
    Bud Head...when's the new bambino due? [​IMG] I bet you and Mrs. Bud Head are really excited...[​IMG]

  11. Hey Justy, The new brat is due on may 17th. hahahhaa

    I hope she gets here soon!

  12. You must be so happy! [​IMG] Congrats! (early)...[​IMG]

    It's going to be a girl? [​IMG][​IMG] Better be careful Bud Head...little girls wrap their Dad's around their little fingers rather quickly, as I understand it...[​IMG]


  13. I'm happy and sad. Long story but one day i'll get stoned and post a three day explaination of the last 6 months of hell!!!!!!!!!
  14. Hey critter, is that smiley in your sig pointing that "Im with stupid" sign to God? Because I really dig that if it is. haha.

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