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  1. So me and my friend blaze up at his house around 3, after we decide that we need to go buy some cigars so we can roll a blunt for tomorrow because no one will be home. So we go to the local FS, which is like 2 blocks from his house, and i get a 2-pack of grape cigarillos.

    I walk to the checkout, and there are 2 people in front of me. As soon as i get behind the second person, the first person gets done and walks away. The guy in front of me was taking his sweet as time and i learned after he was walking away he payed in change for something that was like 14.50.

    As soon as that guy gets done and i walk up and put the cigarillos down these 2 really fat white trashy guys walk in. The lady behind the counter gets done checking my ID and i give her the 10 to pay. As soon as i do that, one of the fat guys walks up to the counter and just grabs the cigarillos i was paying for and looked at them and said "You gonna roll a blunt or somethin'?" I was taken back by it because this guy looked like someone straight out of deliverance. And i said "no" because, well, not really sure why. Then he put them back and was like "yeah.. alright"

    When we got outside we starting laughing so hard. It was so strange
  2. what do you mean you don't know why you said no??? Honestly will get you in a load of shit sometimes, don't admit to anyone that you do anything illegal unless if it's your mom or friend...and other loved ones I guess.
  3. "Put my cigars down, before you jinx them, bitch..."
  4. now squeel... like a piggy. WEEEETTT WEEEEETTTTT
  5. u should of responded are u the cops?
  6. What's an FS?

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