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Wow Worst. Day. Ever.

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by stoned42, Jul 30, 2012.

  1. Alright now first thing is I go camden town, buy some good toking stuff, hang out, some jamaican crackhead sells me some of his "skunk" for £20 I went cash machine and paid a fee, he follows me to the tube, he loses track of me (thank God!), I find out the weed is fake, I see the fittest girl I have in my life on the tube, she kinda checks me out, my shyness makes me say nothing and lose track of her :(, I go to a park and chill after (no money or weed to relax with) wow just perfect
  2. Oh great and I cant view my threads...
  3. Umm don't be such a puss? Go get your money back or don't buy off the streets
  4. wow dude i mean wow thats not all that bad just chill take a few deep breaths weed is not every thing you should of checked before handing over cash, you didnt get shot or killed or harmed it was only a small amount of money not the end of the world. i think you need to get out and meet people not related to weed and maybe see a shrink man im sorry but so far most of your threads you have kinda sounded like the 15 year old thats living next to me i dont mean to be rude but you need to fucking grow up it dosent matter if your shy hell i can't goto a new place unless i have some one with me thats how shy i am but i dont complain over the little things, you know what i am being forced to move out of my house and away from the people i love because one of my brothers friends decided to rat on him for selling weed which we use to pay our bills your not in that shitty of a situation im sorry but your 20 and you act like your 15 grow the fuck up
  5. It's not the end of the world. Everyone at some point has been ripped off or jacked from. It's life. There's people out there less lucky than you are and they have to do things like this to make themselves feel better. Think about people in Africa, happy to get a small amount of food. It's a shitty feeling to get ripped off, but be glad you're not wondering when your next meal will be. As for the girl in the tube, just because she was looking at you doesnt mean anything.
  6. Yeah I live in Camden too, never buy from someone in the market place. Actually, never buy from anyone who comes up to you. There's plenty of dealers around, more than worth it to find one, I saw this one guy sell some wrapped up tissue for 20 lol. But yeah, never ever trust anyone who offers you drugs in Camden, make sure you know who you're buying from.

    As for the shyness, I know that feeling man :(
  7. Its not that bad, it could be worse.

    You could be a jew being given a cold shower until death by the nazis

  8. what the fuck?
  9. ***** what

    this your worst day? Lucky man. Get a beer and celebrate your incredible life
  10. [quote name='"airjordan420"']Its not that bad, it could be worse.

    You could be a jew being given a cold shower until death by the nazis[/quote]

  11. i really am sorry i had to be so i rude you seem like a nice guy but you gotta grow up or nothing will ever get better
  12. Well if hes just gonna come on grasscity to bitch about how bad his life is your damn right I'm gonna tell him how it could be worse
  13. Wow I sound so stupid compared to your problems, sorry man idk I just really hate thieves, does your brother still sell?
  14. no hes going to jail for 3 years
  15. Oh poor guy, his friends are dicks man shit I thought my life was shit
  16. you dont even know man
  17. No offence but if you need money why dont you get a job

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