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  1. Well this is my first grow an I have about five plants outdoors one is outgrowing the rest a lot its about 3 weeks at about 10" the rest are the same age only about 7". This is a bagseed grow but it was a good bag lol. Anyways the question is I want short fat plants when should I prune them. They have about four sets of leaves with only 3 points only. A straight forward easy answer would be appreciated just wanna know when to prune
  2. Lets see some pics
  3. Super cropping: Pinch the stem or branches to soften the cell walls then bend that section over and it will help shorten your plants nodes up and keep it shorter and more bushy then if it were left alone.

    LST: Low Stress Training: If they are in containers drill holes in the lip of the container and tie string to the plant then bend the plant and tie it to the bucket. I do this around the 4th node and continue every 2nd node if its a sativa/sativa dom. hybrid and every 3rd node if its an Indica/Indica dom. hybrid.(my fav)

    There's another method which involves cutting the main stem just above where 2 future branches would form, since its cut on the main stem it turns those branches into main colas, but this slows plant growth because it has to heal itself before continuing to grow at a fast pace unlike the other 2 methods that don't slow growth down.

    I'm doing all three of these methods this year on my double diesels to have a good comparision as to which will yeild more (barring small enviro factors) but my favorite is easy and your plant keeps growing super strong and fast!

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