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Wow. Weed works so well as a medicine !

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by DaN Th3 WeeD, Sep 12, 2009.

  1. Just last night I tried smoking green tea and it made me feel quite sick. It also gave me a huge headache and it made my body shiver and I felt really uncomfortable and nauseated. So I decided to smoke some weed to help me to relax so that I can fall asleep. I took only two hits and amazingly my masive headache was gone. I took a third hit and then I suddenly felt good again and the nausea was completely gone. This was my first time smoking weed while I felt sick, and I was quite surprised just how much better it works compared to any drug bought at a pharmacy. And people still say cannabis is a bad drug. If only they try it as a medicine, im quite sure their views would change quite quickly.
  2. yea my shoulder has been bugging me for a couple days but its good now, doesnt hurt now.

  3. what the fuck
  4. reminds me of that one line in knocked up "yea jonah broke his elbow awhile ago, we didn't go to the hospital or anything because he just smoked some weed and felt better, sure it still clicks every once in awhile but he's ok":smoke:
  5. dont smoke anything but weed lol....why on earth would you smoke green tea?
  6. I never in my lifetime have heard of smoking green tea :confused_2:

    And, I'm at least twice as old as most of the people on here :p

  7. this, lol


  8. What I'm wondering.... Did you also do a few lines of sugar and smoke some smarties? Freakin kids these days...
  9. Yea, wtf on the green tea, lol. I get really bad foot pains from a surgery when I was a kid, weed always helps with it and lets me walk without limping....assuming i'm up for walking of course XD
  10. Green tea has a lot of soothing and relaxing properties in it, I know people that smoke it, and they say it works great.
  11. Wow this OP just TROLLED! him self.

    Why were you smoking green tea when you have weed?

    you have weed, Smoke that.
  12. Yeah I tried green tea, it was fucking horrible. The smoke was so bad, and it burned the air passages in my body (I had a horrible burning sensation in my ears and sinuses when I smoked green tea) The "high" was terrible, I was sick as fuck and I had the worst headache ever. No weed to solve it, either :/

  13. I read on Grasscity and from my friends that smoking green tea really relaxes them. I had green tea so why not try it out ?

  14. Well I first got the idea from reading about it here on GC.

  15. Somehow that doesn't surprise me :p
  16. "Wow. Weed works so well as a medicine !"

    Understatement of the year!

    Click the "Simple format" link in my sig to see why I say that.

    Granny :wave:
  17. Do you actually mean GREEN tea? Or may be peppermint leaves?
    Peppermint leaves is a actually a good space filler for joints when you don't want to smoke a lot of weed for no reason.
  18. yeah but I would never try smoking green tea. I would try and smoke actual green tea leaves. not the stuff used for making tea. No wonder that gave you a headache and sick.

    try getting some actual green tea leafs. And smoke them. Who knows what other shit is inside with drinking green tea mix.
  19. umm yea, weed does help, but seriously ya wouldnt have to if you werent smoking green tea
  20. Try American Spirit Pow Wow Blend. It has tobacco, sage, red willow, bearberry, and spearmint. It tastes just like tea, and makes you very relaxed.

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