Wow, Toro makes THE best glass.... so i bought one [PICTURES]

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    Once again i got hooked up with my boys at NY Gift's. The tube is 19" tall, has 5mm Glass all around, and an 8 ARM perc. The joint is twice as thick as the joint on my ROOR, and the diffuser is made out of thick heavy glass as well. also came with a mini ice pinch bowl which absolutely rocks. Needless to say, im very happy with my TORO purchase. :bongin: More pix and video's to come......
  2. I would kill another human being for that bong. Sick pick up dude.
  3. That is artwork.
  4. Oh ma ma ma myyyyy.....

    I got the shivers upon clicking on this thread.

    Bless you, 5.....bless you.
  5. Very nice tube! The headshop here didn't have any perced toros last time I went in or I probably would have gotten one haha. How does that ice pinch slide compare to a normal slide with a hole in the bottom or is it even noticeable? Thinking about picking a little toro snapper bowl up.
  6. Very nice man!
  7. Very nice purchase, 521. You collection just keeps get higher class.
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    Props homes. :bongin:
  9. hell yeah nice binger. i wish there i didnt have to drive 5 hours to get a toro tube:(

  10. It's is wayyyy better than a regular bowl with a hole. the smoke flows threw very nicely and the bud never gets stuck. You should most definitely get one.

    A little scary.

    I got a roor+ then an illadelph- then a toro+. I love the heavy hitter, but i know if i ever break a bong it's going to be that one lol.

    Everyone else, thanks for the love.
  11. What state is this NY Gift's you speak of in? I want to grab me one of those if you are anywhere close to NYC.:smoking:
  12. Sick shit.. I'd rep you, if I didn't have to "spread some rep around" first...
  13. Sick tube. got a similar one. the joint is what impressed the shit out of me. I know your guna treat it right!
  14. damn you. i fucking wanted to buy that tube. do they still have the other one?
  15. thats a good price for a Toro no? Nice pickup man looks plush
  16. Now that is what I'm smoking for!!!
  17. Dam that shits clean as fuck...Probably feels like heaven when u use it
  18. Thats a very nice piece of of glass you purchased, nice choice.
  19. damn nice bong...good price on that too :smoke:
  20. Man that thing is beautiful...

    I love Toro's :bongin:

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