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  1. Well let me start off by saying i havent sold any of these.

    I have a script for Seroquel, and by some happenings some kids in the trailer parks found out...

    Now I am constantly getting calls, people offering so much money, but I turned em all down

    How can people like Seroquel to get fucked up... its completely jacked, in a really bad way...

    your really sedated and a tiny bit relaxed... but at the same time your EXTREMELY restless and even more in the legs... like you cant stand not moving... and you really dont wanna get up cuz the way your feeling.

    I dunno what im goin on about, just a rant.
  2. For some reason I thought this was gonna be about World of Warcraft hah :smoking:
  3. Same i'm glad it's not though
  4. Fuck...

    If dudes is stupid enough to want em then...

    But shit, Theys a waste.
  5. I was sold on a Seroquel, the guy said that if you can beat the sedation its like being trashed drunk. I fell asleep though.
  6. I dont know is serquels a michigan thing or what because i dont hear of it outside of here and now 3 people from michigan talkin bout it.

    But if you consider passing out trashed drunk then yes serequil is like it. Otherwise no. Shit makes ya drowsy, Period.

    Ive had people say naa ya gotta stay up THEN you feel all fucked up.

    Naa, Then you feel like you wanna sleep but your fightiing it.

    Sweet. :rolleyes:
  7. yep... your drowsy as hell, but your legs get REALLY restless... fuckin sucks.

    But I trades a couple for some vicodin and valium :D
  8. Well, I went to the PCP before I payed a shitload to see a psychiatrist and Iv been diagnosed with clinical depression for quite a few months now... and Iv been through almost evey SSRI. When I told him about my recent Manic episodes he thought I was bipolar and put me on it until I saw my psych, which will be soon... and I'll either be put back on xanax for panic/anxiety attacks, or maybe something similar like valium. I hope valium because xanax never helped for shit, but this valium im on right now is relaxing the hell out of me. I'll prolly be taken off Seroquel when I see the psych.
  9. fuck that shit

    my friends dad takes it, and it has fucked him up in the head real bad

    we find him standing around when he takes it sleeping

    like falling asleep with the door to the fridge wide open

    shit like that.......i definitely did not even think this drug could be recreational lol
  10. Everyone I live with is a feind besides me. My roomate is playing right now.
  11. word.. thats like ambien, you gotta stay awake to get the really fucked up hallucinations and feelings
  12. off that shit i was just chillin in my chair eyes closed..absent mindedly sticking wheat thins in my mouth for like 20 minutes..The restlessness in the legs is rediculous and the dreams seem to be more vivid.Its chill if your just tryna fall asleep//
  13. Let me just say that I've been prescribed a few medications in the past month for reasons that I'm not going to get into and I've ALWAYS turned Seroquel down.

    It's just too sedating and prevents you from functioning in day to day life. It's not feasible to willingly take this medication even if you are hoplessly psychotic, there are just so many better things out there. These 'kids' should learn a lesson or two about pharmaceuticals before asking for random pills for exorbitant sums of money.
  14. Yea, my mom used to take ambien, i have a prescription to seroquel as well, but i don't take them, i fucking hate the meds i've been prescribed, been cold turkey on them for the past 2-3 years, and i feel fine lol......except when i'm drunk i'm hardly ever depressed.

    I've had some good trips off ambien back in the day, serwuel, not so much....
  15. three 6 mafia always talks bout em. they are a sedative.
  16. Ay mane if they like it and you dont need them sell those things off. Might as well make some money back :D

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