Wow, some friends. (Rant)

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  1. So yesterday my friends hit me up and asked me if I wanted to chill. I said sure why not, they asked if I can give my friend a ride and he'll give me $10 for gas. So I was like hell yeah I need gas and $10 is plenty AND they were going to smoke me up so I was thinking it's going to be a great day.

    So I drive about 15 miles to my friends house and then the other kids text me "hold on don't leave because the kid I'm picking up isn't answering his phone." I'm like what the fuck I'm already here keep calling and tell him to get out here. So they have me wait outside his house for 25 minutes and eventually I'm just like fuck you guys I'm going back home. Now because I just drove about 30 miles my gas tank is on "E" and I never got the money to pick the kid up.

    And then to top all of that off they text me telling me there going to be at my friends party tomorrow. I ask them if they're also bringing bud so we can each throw in and smoke some blunts and bowls. They said "Nah i got no bud, you guys were going to smoke us up there." At this point I freaked out because they basically stole my gas making me drive to my friends house and him not even come out, AND they thought I was going to smoke them up. Fuck people man
  2. That sucks, at least now you saw there true colors

  3. Yeah man, atleast I got paid today so I was able to fill up my car and shit now
  4. uh huh
    I'll make a note of this
    very interesting

  5. 15 miles each way isn't 30 miles? I thought I passed 2nd grade math, I guess you didn't. And yeah mistakes do happen, but when they make me waste money, and then expect me to let them smoke MY weed that I also paid for at the party tomorrow is fucked up especially when they didn't even apoligize. When I said "fuck this I'm going home" they responded "Lolol ight" i think you'd be a little pissed off too.
  6. you should be mad at yourself
    your the one with the car and you got these dumb dick mother fuckers
    running you around and then they gonna crash your party

  7. the kid I was picking up was giving me the $10, so there was no way I was getting my money. And you said you probably just drove 15 miles and are over exaggerating. So I told you you it was a 15 mile drive each way. I don't know why you trying to start an argument for no reason?
  8. nice counter punch there at the end
  9. No offense dude, and this is unrelated.. But you should manage your money better if you have to wait for payday to fill your car. I used to have that happen to me too, when I was 17.

    But in my opinion the lesson here would be don't act until you know. It is kind of your fault for driving over there even though your friend didn't get a hold of your other friend. Unless he/they said come on over, in which case that's a dick move and not really your friend.
  10. So it's their fault you left before knowing for sure (obviously if he isn't answering it isn't definite yet). Ok.

    People need to stop blaming others for their own mistakes.

  11. Yeah, I was told to come as soon as possible. So I said ok I'll be there at 3:00 (twenty minutes later) and then him not coming out, and them texting me not to leave yet happen when I was there. And about the money, yeah I do. But since I have a seasonal job by law they can pay me under minimum wage and only get 3-4 days a week. Im in the process of finding a new one

  12. That is some shit then, and you might find that if you had enough money for the lifestyle you want to live, this kind of stuff won't piss you off quite as much.

    I would forget about those guys and make some new friends, or just bitch them out about it if they respect you. Always try to point out solutions instead of problems :smoke:
  13. atleast you didnt get set up buying a bag or something and end up in jail. things could of been worse!
  14. Wish I could say only a few...But the sad reality is that most people are horrible, treacherous creatures.

    Unfortunately there are only a few good ones out there, I feel humbled to know a couple.:cool:
  15. This thread is just a metric fuckton of misunderstandings. Both in the story and comments.
  16. i'd say manage your money better so gas isn't really an issue. if it is, you shouldn't open handedly give friends & such rides like that. . .specially if you're close to riding on E.
    express yourself if you have too ! you have to let em know it's not cool, since they don't have cars (i'm assuming since your giving em rides) they don't know the hassle of having a car. gas has been sucking lately haha.

    if they're your friends they'll understand. it's up to you if you want to keep em as friends or not though ! but in the end rant onnnn.we all live & learn. just my thoughts on the situation !

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