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Wow my friend is so dumb!

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by scottytokepotty, Mar 21, 2011.

  1. I don't expect many replies here, but I don't care, want to put this out there.

    So my friend goes to his lhs today, finds the one piece that he really loves.

    He sends me a picture of it

    He tells me he loves it, and he was in there for a while really making up his mind.

    I help him name it, saying that the color scheme reminds me of Dr. Suess and the book "Oh the places you'll go"

    "Oh, the places you'll go when you use that bubbler" I said.

    not even 20 minutes later, he sends me this:



    Dumbass tried to put it on a table standing up, rather than laying down. Near the edge of the table, make it worse. He puts it on the table, looks away for a second, and he hears it break.

    So I send him this:

    The last known picture. He will be missed.

    His first piece and he breaks it before even using it.

    wah waah
  2. lol win on ur part
  3. shitty deal. R.I.P Dr Seuss.
  4. At least the pigs didn't take it.. :eek:
  5. im sorry for his loss :cry:it looked like a really nice first piece, but oh well, now he knows to be very careful with his next piece:smoke:
  6. I bought a $100 bong at my lhs about a month ago. First piece of ice i out in it broke one of the notches. Oh well it still rips :bongin:
  7. What exactly broke, I can't tell with the blurry pic.
  8. :cry: :( this is a sad day for grasscity

    i will light one up in commemoration of dr.suess tonight
  9. Thank you for your sympathies, everyone. Greatly appreciated in this sad time.

    As per the photograph, you can see that the bowl and water chamber are still in tact, but the neck and mouth-piece have sustained severe trauma.
  10. Maybe it's just because I'm baked, but that made me actually LOL irl... :hello:

    that's so fucking funny.

    sucks ass though about it breaking.
  11. Did it fall from like ten feet in the air? Shit next time don't him buy something made with Chinese glass.

  12. You're welcome, sir.

  13. I wasn't with him.

    He tried putting it on a table standing up. As in from the bottom of the water chamber.

    Instead of putting it on the table laying down.

    It's a sherlock, so it's top heavy, so it fell, and since it was at the edge of the table, it fell off of the table and onto the floor.
  14. That blows, I dropped my one bowl from like 4 feet when I was trying to put it in its pouch. I just stood there my insides dropped and I couldn't even think. I had to have stared at it for like 5 minutes then picked it up and it was still intact. Thank you papa smokes for making thick pieces.

  15. Bro he WENT to Papa Smokes! Swear!

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