wow, lmfao...

Discussion in 'General' started by givemeyourweed, Feb 7, 2009.

  1. i was just sittin here smoking a bowl with my grandma when just 5 minutes ago maybe her home nurse personal nurse whatever you call it showed up. she knocked on the door and of course i had to rush to put the shit up, bowl, trey, broken up pot...
    lol, she smells the shit im sure...

    kinda a buzzkill kinda funny..
  2. dude, your grandama?WTF thats the coolest thing ive ever heard. im going to bet she was a hippie
  3. or perhaps it's for the pain of whatever she has. why else would she have a nurse...unless it's in a nursing home i suppose
  4. shes only been smoking since the mid 80s i think.
    but shes 63 and will hit the gravity bong its fucking awesome
  5. then why would she hide it.

    OP, pics of your grandma hittin some buds or bullshit
  6. Holy shit that's a young grandmother! My dad's 62! He smokes heavily and has been growing for about ten years now. About the same. +rep for hanging with old school smokers.
  7. only way i can take pics now is on a camera phone.
    my mom has one and her and my dad are coming over today so ill get you your pic tonight.


    but thats her
  8. ^^ lol, get a pic of her hittin a bong and it's legit.

    Wtf? You're PAYING for that nurse to come and attend to your grandma and you're hiding weed from the nurse? You could probably say it's for your grandmas pain or something,, there's obviously a reason why a nurse is attending her at home.

    You shouldn't have to hide the stash and let the nurse be a buzz kill... especially because you're helping foot her bills.
  9. DUDE. i would love smokin with her. like, not anything wierd or anything, but i wanna smoke with her. she looks cool as shit.

    ask the personal assistent if she wants to smoke?
  10. yeah my grandma is pretty cool.

    to the other guy, if she feels like hittin the gravity bong ill get her to hit that.
    if not she'll hit my pyrex.

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