Wow, I think maybe I've been missing out for my entire life?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by Prodigus, Nov 5, 2011.

  1. Is it possible that I've never had anything like what I've now grown myself?

    My Yumbolt 47 is getting close to done. Really, by the info about it I have another 2 weeks but all of the trichomes were real cloudy and I couldn't wait (first grow) so I snipped a small bud off the bottom and quick dried it in the microwave just to see if it had anything to it at all yet. A little harsh and didn't taste great but boy was it potent.Also, a lot more head than body of a stone which I like.. I thought that I read before that quick drying tends to make it less potent.

    I can only imagine what this shit will be like after a cpl more weeks and proper drying/curing. :)

    Thanks to everyone who helped along the way! Not too much longer to go...
  2. im also just getting into a grow and cant wait until that special time comes. im only 2 weeks in. if you like a heady high and no couchlock, harvest when most of your trichs are cloudy and only a few of them have ambered up. you could chop most of it then, and wait a little longer and finish out some of the smaller buds with mostly amber trichs for a couchlock type high once in a while.
  3. How much are you budding? And how long does was your harvest time?
  4. I'm only growing 4 plants. Honestly, I figured this being my first grow that I would lose 1-2 but I didn't. 2 are sativas and nowhere near ready but the other 2 (1-purple morracaan, 1 yumbolt 47) are looking decent. They're all 6 weeks into flower, maybe a few days more. Vegged under 400w MH, flowering under a 400w HPS.

    The situation might get forced anyway since I'm starting to get a little paranoid about a possible security concern... I sure would hate to miss out on those sativas though. That's the 2nd reason I decided to grow my own since I never see sativa around here. The first reason of course was I just don't like the idea of having to buy it from someone else and then travel with it on me. I smoke my weed in the safety of my own home and never go anywhere else with it. Just how I roll. I can't afford no shit of that sort.

    Thanks for the input!!!

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