Wow... I got caught

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  1. I never thought I'd see this day so soon. Anyways, time for the story.
    Well this weekend my mom and aunt decided to go outta town for an antique's show where they go and sell stuff.
    Well my uncle was home with me, and he's cool about smoking and whatever, but he decided to go and suprise them a day early. He was supposed to go up today.
    So I guess my mom started throwing a fit and was talking crap about my uncle being an alcoholic and shit. So then my aunt told her I've been smoking.
    So anyways last night at my house I have my friends over, get some gorgeous ladies over, and then a phonecall....
    I wasn't there to pick it up, but it was my mom and she said she knew I've been smoking and that she's calling my grandma to come check on me.
    So I'm getting everyone out, cleaning up like crazy and my grandma gets there.
    Now I explain to her that I smoke pot and she understands, but she doesn't condone it.

    Then my aunt and uncle get home and start packing their stuff because my mom kicked them out.
    So come tomorrow, I'm gonna be alone with my psycho mother.... not looking forward to it.

    (I hope this all makes sense...)
  2. Best of luck to you!
  3. My mom bitches out alot too....
    good luck.
  4. sucks man
  5. hey doesnt matter that you got caught by her long as you didnt get caught by the cops
    my mom has found and dumped so much weed into the toilet it wouldnt flush!But oh well long as i didnt get busted by the cops!But unfornunately I did get busted and i went to prison in Florida even though i supposedly dont mess around with anything now if she found something OH WELL get mad or whatever long as i dont get caught by the cops!I dont mess around with anything anymore though just not good enough weight deals around here now so that sucks!
  6. I assume you drive or at least have a bike. Get out of the house so she doesnt have the oppertunity to talk about it to you untill a more comfortable time.

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