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  1. :eek: i am so amazed at myself for this but it couldnt have been done without lsd
    So whille i was exploring deep into my mind about god and stuff and seeing if he was real
    i came to a possible conclusion..... i was reading about blaackholes in space that happen when a big star exxplodes and in the begining people believed in the suns and stars
    so what if the sun was our god and making us live but when its black hole arrives
    and we get sucked up into it that is actually heaven or hell or something

    please elaborate
  2. what would i do if a blackhole is going to suck me into it? im going to tell it no, youre not going to suck me into you please float away from me

  3. First of all, what you are saying doesn't make much sense.
    The sun will never become a black hole, it is simply not massive enough.

    You are kind of right when you say the sun is like a god making us live- it is the energy source that supports all of the Earth's life.

    You cannot find heaven or hell in a black hole.
  4. IIRC the Sun isn't dense enough to become a black hole. It'll just explode, blanket us in fiery screaming death, and collapse into a white dwarf star.
  5. aww man but a black hole will eventually suck us up rite?
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    I think we'd need to bump into one by sheer accident for that to happen, and because space is so huge...

    The odds are astronomical. :D

    Or you could go find one and tell us what you find on the other side but I wouldn't recommend it. Most scientists (not including the people who write Star Trek) agree that going beyond the event horizon of a black hole is a dumb idea which ends up invariably with you dying.
  7. but if i was gonna die or when im like 86 if i get there i would pay to be sent into a blackhole with a indestuctable object and i would dose some acid and record everything and try to send it on the internet:)
  8. Mhmm good luck with that (and good luck getting back to tell the tale)

    I don't remember the details, but I do remember someone explaining that when you go into a black hole for some reason it would pull you in so fast that you would get ripped to shreds from all the forces at work.

    Basically, not a very good idea.
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    I don't think you quite understand black holes.

    Beyond the event horizon the escape velocity becomes greater than that of light. Since, to the best of our scientific understanding, you can't go faster than light, the area inside an event horizon is effectively cut-off from the rest of the Universe. Nothing leaves, not even light. (There's an exception which, practically speaking, changes nothing)

    Once you passed the event horizon we on Earth would never see you again, even if you somehow managed to survive.
  10. has to do with density, not size. The LHC at Cern has the potential to create microscopic black holes

  11. Oh yeah, I heard about that black hole thing. Some people freaked out lol...I thought it was pretty damn cool.
  12. hahah you would compact to like the size of a BB

  13. This is why I'm probably not going to try LSD.

  14. A black hole is not the opposite of a star. We often consider life and death to be opposites, but quite simply, there can't be the existence of one without the existence of the other. In the same way there can't be the non-existence of one without there being the non-existence of the other. A black hole is like a spirit. It potentiates force (potential energy) as a result of being very dense. Its density pulls "space" around it toward it, like three-dimensional gravity. A black hole is very much like radioactive Uranium atoms, or any other atoms that are unstable and emitting frequencies.
  15. How does that, in any way, make them "like a spirit"?
  16. Emitting force, a presence.
  17. dude not trying to be a dick but you said you needed acid to think that up.... fuck I know 5 year olds with crayons that could of thought of that
  18. replace black hole with stargate and you may have something.

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