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Wow, I can't believe this...

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by HomeGrownKing, Nov 17, 2011.

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    Well, I once tried to grow Marijuana. As I love smoking the herb..
    But my attempt was a failure, I only got a gram from a dwarf plant.

    Now onto the serious matter,
    My sisters' and I enjoy smoking blunts in the backyard, at my parents house..
    We do it discretely and under the radar.

    We also typically take the stems and seeds out and throw them into the yard..

    Well guess what,
    BAM.. now I got a lil marijuana plant growing in my backyard. =)

    It's about 2 or 3 inches, can't tell the sex and it's starting to get cold her in Texas so it won't last. :(

    But it's crazy to think that we never once intentionally planted a seed, mother nature took her course.(;
  2. Bring her inside and grow her out!

  3. Man I'd LOVE to, and trust me it's crossed my mind.

    Thing is i've already gotten rid of my PC Grow Box and have no other place for her. :(
  4. I guess it grows like a weed for a reason. With that said how did you only grow a gram?
  5. I don't see what the big deal is.:confused_2:

  6. An unexpected weed plant appeared in my backyard!

    That's like a lvl 99 wild Charzard appearing in Pallet Town!?!?

    (Too bad I have no pokeballs to catch this Charzard.. (The Plant.. or fiya) xD

    It was my first grow in a PC grow box and I planted the seed too low, after realizing I brought the plant to normal height and it didn't grow more then 5 inches. Only had 1 bud and that was my 1g. xD
    It smelled yummy and looked nice though.
  7. You don't need a pc grow box or anything really... Just a corner of the room/closet

  8. You threw seeds in a yard and a plant grew. Yay! Nature hasn't been doing that for awhile.:rolleyes:
  9. Haha sounds exactly like my buddy's situation. He and both his little brothers smoke and I guess a seed that was discarded took and sprouted. Someone has since removed it but I snapped this before hand...

  10. How do you grow in a corner without a growbox? Well without extreme smell as well. I am allowed to grow here but I cant let it smell because of my little sister but it can be exposed because she does not enter my room I have no closet or draws. I do have a fan but it runs at 75-80 decibels thats higher than a smoke alarm lol. PM me if you have a way ill rep you for it.
  11. cool story. you would be surprised how many wild plants there are from when hemp was grown for WW2

  12. One plant does not smell bad at all. Youll hardly notice it.
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    So you can literally just pot it and stick it in the corner of your room, with no special equipment or anything and it'll grow fine?
  14. It's best to invest in an hps... If you have 200 bucks... you have yourself a decent grow... A 400 watt hps would cost around 150 with shipping... the remaining 50 would be some bull shit soil, a few cfls for vegging (like 4x 27 watt bulbs) and some flowering nutes...

    Wouldn't be ideal by any standards but you'd get a decent smoke... and you could invest more into it later on.

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