wow. i came this close to getting fucked over on 600 bucks

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by deadphish46, Jul 22, 2004.

  1. sad, sad stuff. the scary thing is, i was in contact with this lady and my dad was gonna let me buy the tickets. i probly cant go to coventry anymore cause those were the cheapest i found tix, but oh well. just thought id give all those looking for tix a heads up. i almost got mine from ashleybrown71, her and this original kelly person appear to be involved in the same scam. good luck to all thise trying to get to coventry. just thought id give all those looking for tix a heads up.
  2. Uh, nice real life story about Marijuana.
  3. oopsies. lol if this could be moved to music thatd be appreciated. my bad sirs, accidentally posted in the wrong forum
  4. what are you talking about. i'm sober and your "story" seems to lead off from nowhere. it reads as if it starts from the middle and there's a first page to this thread that i need to read to make sense of your post.
  5. Yes I noticed that too. But I think I can piece it togather. He was going to buy tickets from this one person with a certain e-mail thats known to be involved in scamming people so he found out before he bought them and didnt buy them, apparently.
  6. i am confused

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