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Discussion in 'General' started by boredjim8, Mar 24, 2006.

  1. Okay so yesterday at about 10:10AM i took 60mg of adderal beads (out of capsules) .. and then i couldnt sleep last night .. been up for 25hrs now .. sigh :( and not tired yet.. man 2nd block SHAL suck ima probly burn the FUCK out when the shit passes though my system .. and ofcourse.. i

    1. have to spend 12-2 with my mom in an assembly for collages
    2. have first day at work

    what a great time to get no sleep rofl!
  2. Sorry to hear man that sucks. My suggestion would be to smoke some bud, it always helps me sleep, either that or take somethin to knock you out.
  3. thats y i don like fuckin around with uppers, sleep is key to me
  4. exactly, the onlt time I take adderal is if my rooms a mess and I don't feel like cleaning it. But even then I'de only take a 20.
  5. Hmm.. ususally I like to snort around 90mg of adderall, or 60-100mg of ritalin and I'll be buzzin for 2 or 3 hours, then I'll crash, go smoke some weed, and go to sleep. I don't have a problem with staying awake, I'd smoke some bud if I were you.

  6. ..heh i tried .. heres day..

    10am take pills..
    11:15 i start feein realll good
    3pm smoke 1.5g blunt to head thinkin this will burn me out ..
    play splinter cell from like 4-6 with my friend and go home.. still fellin high from the addarel
    at 12 i still feel wide awke but i was like fuck it ill try to sleep ima be shitty tommrow if i dont..

    lay in bed 12-6am sweatin turnin .. cant close eyse cause when i do the lids are twitchin like crazy.. thinkin of crazy shit .. playin guitar solos in head kept time passin .. (was amusing haha) .. around 615 (ushally dont get up till about 630 at earliest) was like FUCK THIS im gettin shower . .went to school .. still here .. and im TIRED AS FUCK AND GOT WORK TODAY :( bah o well FUCK this shit .. not gonna touch it till weekends..

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