WOW! Great to be here.

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by ZgreatJ, Jan 22, 2008.

  1. Skittlette told me to come over to this wonderful site. I look forward to just hanging out and meeting lots of great people. Great site:smoking:
  2. hey you! i swear your gonna be here more than the other forum, this place rocks! :gc_rocks:
  3. I'm sure I will be. So much reading to do my head will be spinning. Wait, that isn't from the reading.:bongin:
  4. its gonna be great talkin to youon here guy...go one and browse, need any help, asking will get you a ton of answers around here, some serious, some not so..but its usually all in good fun around here
  5. hey whats up mayne! welcome to the city. and friend of skittles is cool wit me. im gc's resident rockstar/pervert, you can look forward to mass quantities of bullshit talking from me. oh and check out pandoras box if ya wanna see my ass!
  6. Well I don't think I'll be checking out your ass anytime soon, but I look forward to the bullshit. I like slinging some myself. And thanks for the welcome. And thanks Skittlette for bringing me over...again.
  7. welcome dude,,,,,

    ,,skittlette,,, told us you was coming,,,,, glad your here,,,

    you really should check out johnnyweedseeds,,, ass,,,,

    im noy gay but id bust that brownhole just to hear him scream!!!!!!:eek:

  8. welcome to the city! :wave:

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