WOW...Gamestop blows.. here's why

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  1. Yeah so I wanted to go get rid of all my xbox games and my xbox and finally buy a xbox 360 today with halo 3, burnout 3, and skate 2. So I grab like 300 bucks and a backpack full of my 17 games and my xbox and head over to my local gamestop.

    When I get there I ask if they buy used xbox games and used xbox. They tell me they JUST stopped buying used games starting TODAY!!! WTF:mad: Then I ask, how much for a used xbox 360. They say it starts at 200 bucks, but they dont have online capabilities. (POINTLESS!) So I ask how much for a used one with online.

    They say those start at 300. Im like. Um ok. and walk out.

    IS this rediculous or am I just stupid?:smoking:
  2. Wow I have never heard of that in my life why dont you try Play N Trade...They give you a lot more money for your used games and consoles anyways
  3. damm that sucks good thing i went last week to give in like 20 games, and i was planning on going today but i am going to call ahead and ask if said is true
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    Did you hear the news last month?

    Gamespot stop selling/trading xbox games. It starts today.

    The reason why is that xbox is dead and it shows no profit from it.
    Try going to a local game store.
  5. they give you nothing for your used games anyway.300 bucks for a used 360 that goes online? cant you get a pro system that goes online thats new for only 300?

  6. That stinks! :(
  7. ive never heard of an xbox 360 that cant go online. maybe they mean it doesnt have xbox live gold membership included? someone chime in please.

  8. The arcade edition cant play old xbox games, and cant do something else but i forget what it is.
  9. They said it had to do with the hard drive. But still. 300 bucks for an xbox that can play online?! im pretty sure its about 200:smoking:
  10. no, any system is able to play old xbox games. I think you're thinking of ps3.

    You can still get online with any xbox, as long you got memory card, could be those shitty 300mb card thing. Just go for the pro system. It will save you shit load of money. wireless controller, headset, 20gb, for 100 dollars more. HELL YA.

    arcade 360 is just a marketing scam for stupid customers. That how microsoft does it!
  11. dude you coulda bought the used one for 200 and for 80 get the wireless adapter. Thats what i did. Some one corect me if their is an Xbox360 that doesnt have a spot for the wirless adapter but im almost positive there is
  12. gamestop is fucking horrible i hate that place i never bought a game from there before i always goto Best buy bc EB is awful too
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    If anything used games sales would be doing great right now. Are you joking or do you have a source?
  14. If you really want a 360 I'll sell you mine. =] I am just trying to get a ps3. Look on ebay for a used 360. I got my 360 with harddrive for 200 large about 2 years ago.

    Good luck with your search.:smoking:
  15. that is pretty stupid of them. my advice, get a 360, somehow get a hard drive, then mod it ourself. I've done it, and I'm not tech savvy at all. that means all the games you want are free. pm me for more info.
  16. u need to have a hard drive to go online, becase those shitty memory cards cant hold all that information... so yea u have to go with the deluxe version and also pay for xbox live....pretty big rip off but its worth it

    u need the hard drive to play a few xbox games.... but most of them DONT work regardless of what they said when they sold it to u
  18. really? In my experience, which isn't much, every xbox game I've tried on there has worked.
    as said, my experience is limited, so I don't doubt what you say.
  19. haha no i completely get where ur comign from... first few xb0x games i used work but the other day my friend had like 20 xbox games that were not made for the 360... ( cause certain games such as NFMW[Need for speed most wantd] were made for xbox and xbox 360, making it so the xbox version obviously wouldnt work on the xbox360) and we tried using all of them.... none of those fuckers worked! i think there is actually a list of games and its somewhere around 70 games ill goo look for it and repost some shit on this thread
  20. im assuming he meant original xbox is dead and not selling, not xbox 360

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