Wow Fuck this guy!

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  1. I enjoyed the movies in response to the original. The only feedback that I have to give is you said it would be oppropreiate to be kicked out of the house for prolonged substance abuse. But even then I don't think it should be done because clearly that person needs help and abondonment doesn't really solve anything.. but that's just my opinion. Great Job!:hello:
  2. What do you do if your stupid-asshole-idiot-pothead kid is a girl? Punch her in the tit?
  3. Yeah, this kinda seems like a joke. I thought it was serious until he said "you gotta kick him in the balls". He also keeps saying "POT head" kid. I don't think anyone can be that ignorant. sounds like he's trying to piss people off...
  4. This man is so angry.
  5. "but im gonna promise every body this, as soon as the swelling goes down on my bunnion, right? and im hoping its before christmas..."
  6. Don't hang out with her anymore, never punch a girl there.
  7. It really depends, there comes a point when you're helping them out begins to develop into part of the problem. If someone has a substance abuse problem they may start looking for a shoulder to lean on so they don't fall on their face. Sometimes you have to let someone fall on their face so they can learn to stand up on their own again.

    If you become a contributing factor to their substance abuse/addiction, you become part of the problem.
  8. Kid smokes pot? Destroy his testicles.

    I am really glad my mom didnt kick me in the nuts when she found out I smoked. That would have really sucked.
  9. what a vagina
  10. whoa this dude needs to chill and just smoke some ganja
  11. hahahaha can you imagine coming home to this guy trying to kick you in the balls?

  12. HAHAHAHAHA one of the funniest things i have eva herd lol:smoking:

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