Wow Fuck this guy!

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  1. [ame=]YouTube - Your kid smoking weed? Must watch Now[/ame]


    Did you get it from that video in the "So sick of dating liberal women" thread too?

    Anyways, I believed it was real until he started going off about the "kicking your kids in the nuts" thing.

    I think he's just a really good (and funny) troll.
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    Yes I did. I saw your post in there too. I remember your Abraham Simpson sig. I posted the Fox news video of the pro weed republican mom they interviewed and this was a related video. this guy has like 3 other anti weed vidoes too.

    I found other videos where he talks about how "bad" it is. I dont want to think watch it too much of it though. It just reminds me too much of bullshit I had to deal with from my mom. Not that she ever kicked me in the nuts, but the propaganda she fed me and how she tried to guilt trip me and shit.
  4. duuuuuude im so baked right now

    and this has 2 be 1 of the funnest things iv ever saw


  5. seriously fuck this guy! I didn't here one fact in his whole argument.:mad:
  6. ^^^^^

    yeeeaaahhh siiick ass 1st post!


  7. Hahah I think his only argument is that he thinks were all, asshole-stupid-dumbass-evil-useless potheads.
  8. at 3:10 he talks about websites and internet forums that talk about weed and hiding it, lol
  9. which is a complete lie because i graduated from high school with almost a 4.0 gpa
  10. Poor guy was probably scared shitless, by a bud, as a child. :smoking:
  11. That was certainly uninformed. And hilarious.
  12. this guy is gonna have a heart attack for sure.
  13. rofl the guy in the vid is soooo brainwashed hahah. i think he had a hard childhood.. :(
    'diabolical devices'
    cuz lucifer is helping stoners hide their weed right?
  14. These kids! They'll...they duck tape stuff!
  15. Are we sure that he's not joking? It seems like almost a subtle parody of normal anti-weed rants :S lol
  16. sorry for dobule post but big lol@ advising parents to beat up their child if they have weed XD
  17. this faggot needs to get a life and internet facts post 1970. nothing worse than an arrogant igrnoant hypocrite. maybe if he smoked some pot he wouldnt have that violet temper. "lets kill those hippies smoking pot" then i can go home and drink an 18 pack and slap my wife around while telling my son how worthless he is so he falls into the drug game. hmmm, if were so stupid why are out theories more articulate and backed up scientificly. ignorant preaching fucks, if you want to influence people its best not to look like an obsessive maniacal lunatic.
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    I got actually scared :|
    Have you seen his facial expressions?
    and hes saying
    " your pot head, teenage stoner asshole dickhead son"
    i was like |:
    and then he goes,

    this guy is actually encouraging parents to beat up their kids |:
  19. I think that you need to be more peaceful towards anti-weed people. Yes, tell them that they're wrong, but if you just swear at them the stereotype that they have of us will only be reinforced stronger. Violence or threatening to be violent won't solve anything, it'll only make it worse. Just my thoughts :smoke:

    BTW this was a response to your youtube comment, not the last comment you made on this thread. Sorry for confusion lol.
  20. Haha yeah i know,
    That is a true statement,
    but I don't like the stereotypes he was using in the first place,
    take this example for instance.

    I started smoking weed in year 9.
    My Chemistry grades were on a C-
    Come year 11, after 2 years of smoking weed,
    i got my Chemistry level to an A+.

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