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Wow.. first time ever.. I don't feel like I can smoke weed?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by hightimes223, Nov 30, 2011.

  1. I have been smoking weed since i was 12 years old... its a constant in my life. I'm a total pot head. I love weed. I enjoy every high the largest to the littliest. Being high usually makes me incredibly content, optimistic, and interested in things (and it also helps with sleep) But recently I have been so depressed and upset about life I literally can't even do my favorite/chilled me out thing of smoking weed.. I'm depressed that I am so depressed I can't smoke weed.

    I have had probably the worst fucking week anyone could have. My family life is falling apart, my love/social life is crumbling (im not exaggerating this its reallyyyyyyyyyyy shitty right now) and I pretty much believe no one wants or cares about me... maybe even god and jesus too.. :(

    i was on an amphetamine binge and stayed up 2 consecutive nights in a row and went to school.. and I STILL FEEL LIKE SHIT. I havent taken anything in 24 hours. I dont feel I can sleep, though I really want to, because I'm so fucking depressed and upset with myself. I'm getting that same feeling where I feel like I'm probably going to be up all night again. Yes, the comedown from the binge probably makes this worse. But you have no idea the shit that went down over thanksgiving, how much i fucked up, my lack of friends and complete rejection from people i love... I feel its justified to be this upset.

    Has anyone ever been so upset that they are afraid/fearful of smoking weed? I honestly..fucking loathe myself right now..

    Marijuana has always helped me. ALWAYS BEEN THERE. And now somehow I'm so upset I don't even want to touch it. I don't really know what to do. This has never happened.

    Any help please
  2. Man, basically the same thing happened to me. So I quit for 50 days. I'm on day 34. It's worth it, just take a break from it and work on some coping mechanisms other than weed for your depression. Then when you're ready, go back to smoking weed. Self hate is a terrible thing too man. But trust me you'll get over this.
  3. you just stayed up for 2 days doing amphetamines. of course you still feel like shit, that doesn't solve problems. just move on as hard as that may be, and start building new bridges or rebuilding old ones.
  4. Maybe getting high isn't the answer, and you know it... weed won't take all your problems away.

    Deal with the shit in your life, then smoke.
  5. Sorry to hear about your depression, man. It sucks to feel that way, and I hope things get better for you soon.

    Like burtontoker and Kesseler mentioned, taking a break might be a good idea. Get things straightened out in your life and then smoke again if you feel up to it. Know that people care about you, whether it seems like it or not. Many of us here are willing to listen to fellow blades' problems and help however we can. You'll get through this :)

    Also, just FYI...we can't discuss other drugs here, so you might want to edit your post and use the word "unmentionables" so your thread doesn't get deleted or anything.
  6. if you took a lot of addies and weren't use to it you're definitely going to feel like shit lol
  7. Stay in there man, you'll figure it out. Just take a break and keep checking up on here, everyones here to help!!! goodluck dude
  8. Your all good. dusty?
  9. Definintly quit it with the speed, that shit will only make it worse.
  10. I dident have it that bad, but my name was in the paper from some bull shit that happened at work. That same week I got a Comp 1 essay back that my teacher wouldent even grade cause it wasent what he wanted ( come to find out it happened to 70% of the class ), and i got a 60% on my math 091 test. I felt like shit all week and wanted to week everything was better and im glad im alive cause i have my whole life ahead of me!
  11. I read amphetamine binge and was like alright should probably start there and then move on to the other problems in your life.
  12. Doubt he's doing speed, he only worded it that way to look like he's doing harder shit than he is most likely, probably just took some adderall.. herp derp, of course you're gonna feel like shit
  13. 1. Talking about other drugs is against forum rules.
    2. Doesn't the unmentionable drain your brain of serotonin? That's your problem.
    3. Unlike some here, I think cannabis is very helpful for depression. I was suicidal until I found herb.
  14. Being sober is probably whats making you depressed, im sorry about what happened to you but you have got to pick up where you left off man cause we only got one lifetimee
  15. Ur talking like me when im coming off of that crap
  16. Prolonged sleep deprivation desensitizes serotonin neutral receptors in your brain. This will compound the negative emotions and behavioural tendencies you are already experiencing.

    Your best course of action is to abstain from all chemical substances and instead attempt a deep, recuperative sleep.

    When you catch up on the REM cycles you've been missing your entire outlook will be much more focused. Sobriety can help, too. Instead of focusing on the negatives, you can formulate a positive course of action to arrive at a better place in your life. You cannot do that clearly in your current state.

    I might also suggest a break from cannabis for a while so you can ‘reset' those cannabinoid receptors. You might find the break beneficial in other ways. Cannabis will always be there later on for you.

    I wish you the best.
  17. dude i know how you feel.. i never sleep.. and sometimes ill smoke a fat j and just cry.. for no reason thats how shitty my life is..

  18. Scientific shit yo, listen to this guy. he knows his shit

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