Wow... didn't know i'd got this deep

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  1. The other night i heard my dog barking, i saw lights flashing outside, i heard what sounded like party poppers going off, i ran to my bedroom, put on my black jeans, black hoody, timbo boots, latex gloves my new era and my jason hockey mask, grabbed my baseball bat and stood watching the door, after about 4 hours of starring at the door without moving i realised wtf am i doing? it was probs people walking past my house, and i realised for the first time, i am paranoid. :confused:
  2. Didn't it occur to you if you had all that time to gear up, nothing was going on?

    Lol, you need a T break brother.
  3. I hope that 4 hours was a major overexaggeration otherwise this thread is just horseanus.
  4. Thats the thing, i'd been on T break for 6 months, i fugure i'm paranoid cos i'v not smoked weed for so long, so i started chonging again 3 days ago ahaha!
  5. and nah i was sweating for 4 hours fixated on the door, i alllways denied i was mentally ill up until the morning after that night
  6. Its not like OP is a crack head or anything
  7. Haha

    I love how the OP is liking every comment.

    Good topic.

    Remember, if your life starts to seem too much like an action movie: you're just too fuckin' high.
  8. I like your avatar

    But you should get that checked out...that's paranoia to another level man
  9. Thanks dude, im gunna try and get myself sectioned :smoke:
  10. 4 hours... yeah right? lol
  11. I am confused. Bro you need to chill kay brah? chill. Kay? chill? yeah chill...
  12. [quote name='"TheRealPurp"']oh word.[/quote]

  13. That comment gave me headache is that a mind game post to make my brain see "bro you need to kill chay, kill chay, Kill? yeah kill... for your information i'm not suicidal at this moment in time, or paranoid... for now. Anyway peace :p
  14. The borgs are coming!!!
  15. I'm paranoid too. They say paranoia is a heightened sense of awareness, but I wish I could be fully aware of everything going on around me without feeling the feeling of paranoia.
  16. Sounds just like something my boyfriend would do, that's mad funny.
  17. Step 1: Wrap the tweak pipe in toilet paper.
    Step 2: Stomp on said paper containing pipe.
    Step 3: Flush/throw away paper containing broken glass.
    Step 4: Eat, if possible.
    Step 5: Sleep, if possible.
    Step 6:
  18. [​IMG]

    OP at 4am

  19. Me 24/7. +rep, dude. xD

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